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    Lines for Loop Cross S1 Switch

    I do also have a Rio Scandi short that I use but find the head a tad long at 31ft for a 10'7" rod and at 21 grams it's a bit on the heavy side for the 6 weight. The Airflo has a shorter head and is an integrated line, hence the purchase. I have also tried the Rio single handed spey 7 weight and...
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    Lines for Loop Cross S1 Switch

    I have the 10'7" #6 and recently matched it with the Airflo Switch/Spey floating line 300 grains (19 grams) and it casts really nice with a polyleader up front. I would imagine that the next weight up i.e. 330 grains (21 grams) would be ideal for the the 10'7" #7. The Airflo is on offer...
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    Sent you a PM and I'll scan and send you the article tomorrow morning. Cheers. NH
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    I have a copy of that Trout and Salmon. If you would like a copy of the article, PM me your email address and I'll sent you a scanned copy with all the dressings etc.
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    Salmologic Heads

    If you're a fan of Salmologic Heads you will love these prices. Found these just browsing through the website.
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    No power on forward cast unless knee deep!

    OMG that sounds familiar (curve upstream-no power etc). Only yesterday I was so bad with left hand up, I had to stop fishing and just practise my casting with just the shooting head out of the tip ring. After about 30 minutes of continuous casting I got back on track and finished the day...
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    Grey's XF2 12" S series

    Glasgow Angling had the XF2 double handers when I spoke to them a while back. I think they were display models , no tube or rod bag. They may still have a few left and could be at the right price. Maybe worth a call.
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    Rio Scandi Floating Shooting Head 520grains SOLD

    Test cast only - too light for the intended rod £30 posted. PayPal friends please. SOLD
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    Running Line Airflo Ridge SuperDri 30LB SOLD

    Airflo running line used once £20 posted, in excellent condition. Will be posted with box and plastic zip lock from Airflo (no spool). PayPal friends please. NOW SOLD
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    Guideline Compact Multi Tip

    I have a John Norris 30lb orange running line surplus to requirements, which you can have for nothing. Send me a PM with your address and I'll sent it to you. Regards NH
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    airflo polyleaders

    I use the 3mm Reverge
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    Mackenzie dtx g2 spey 14ft #9

    Wise move Dave, you won't regret it. Drop Scott Mackenzie an email, he's an absolute gent and would be pleased to help you. Regards NH
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    Mackenzie dtx g2 spey 14ft #9

    Scott Mackenzie's 42 grams (no 9) shooting heads would be perfect for the 14' 9 weight DTX G2. The line has been developed and designed specifically for the rod.
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    running line

    I've been following this thread with interest and ordered the Asso Ultraflex 60lb orange which arrived today. I must say that first impressions looks favourable and the line is very supple and could find it's way onto a few, if not all my reels / spools. Is there a special way to form the loops...
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    Best Lightweight packable wading jacket

    I bought a Loop Rautas jacket just before lockdown and haven't had the opportunity to test it yet. It appears to be well made and was just what I was looking for in a lightweight, packable jacket. It's marketed as a hiking jacket but it's so light it can be tucked under and secured with the hem...