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    More wee hairwings for summer

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    car damage

    I wonder if there have been more this year due to less vehicle’s on the road and now due to the lifting of being locked up the deer suddenly find it’s not a good thing to play chicken on tarmac
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    car damage

    Think I read somewhere that deer cause more accidents than any other motor accident.
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    Lopping cherry tree.

    I think you will find it’s a prunus amanogawa or spire or similar , so it in its genetic material to grown tall and narrow, the only way you will be able make grow out rather than up is maybe to train it on a framework,but even then it will want to go upwards. It’s alway a shame to take tree out...
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    The Silver Surfer Munker

    Boggle eye beaut,👌
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    Wee waddingtons

    Very nice, didn’t know they went so small,👌
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    Small/Spate rivers Fishing Trip in Scotland

    Roag, I would go with that, just need a bit of putting together. But great fun, well said.✌️
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    Clyde raiders

    Thanks Craig, lot of work on the body with the coats as well. All the best Nick
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    Clyde raiders

    Those are really nice, what’s the body material.👌
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    Worst injury fishing?

    Good friend on mine drowned about 5 years ago on the Findhorn, don’t get much worse than that, but sadly there’s a few every year.
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    Recommend a Reel

    great reels, so simple, what i have done is change neats foot oil which can get a bit sticky on the initial inertia to silicon dry lib, which applys to tibor and Saracion. We use this in our manufacturing With wood on steel beds.
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    Down to reel backing?

    Have been in this problem a few times both in tropical water and Norway, as has been said when you have a large fish go out of the back of a pool into fast water a large tarpon or GT the last thing you will be thinking of is how can I get the backing back onto the reel evenly, if fishing in a...
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    TD Spey

    that’s a beautiful fly.