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    Carrying Rods to Norway

    If you put all the kit in one bag which is made to take 4 piece 13’6” rods, boots and waders in a back pack which can be used on the river for carrying lines, lunch and flies etc. i not sure where your fishing but if it happens to be a destination with multiple flights this could cost a fair bit...
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    junction shrimp trebs

    First tied as a shrimp by Watty Burns, then copied by the junction ghilly in a tube format, but a good tie.
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    Brazil’s rain forest soya used to feed farmed salmon

    It seams according to tonight’s news that Cargill animal food producer (American owned) imports soya that is grown on land that has been deforested to feed west coast salmon farms, not only is the farming killing of our west coast but also Brazil’s forrests, can this be sustainable.
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    Travel Rods for Norway

    i have been traveling to north Norway for 9 years, sometimes direct to Lakselv via Oslo or three flights via Thomson. I take three double handers 2 6 piece and 13ft zenith, I had a bag made buy sail makers in Montose to take the Zenith, I have never paid excess baggage, the bag cost £100...
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    Collapsible wading Staff

    Had few other makes but most failed, wife went to the local shop and asked for stick for the old man, thought heres a good sale and suggested a carbon stick on a bungee, best sale for the day and also very satisfied customer, had it for years and it’s been all over the place with me.
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    Disillusioned From Stirling

    After fishing for 30 years in the backed on the tweed I chucked it in 10 years ago, it should be closed in November.
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    Pink Salmon.

    I’ve heard of two rivers in north Norway that have recorded in excess of 10,000 pinks in each river this year, one trapped the other netted.
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    Who's Happy with Brexit Now ?

    Couldn’t be happier
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    Islay fishing advice.

    Yep there’s that as well, you will find skippers at Port Elle, Port Askaig and Port Charlot, they used to have an annual Tope competition.
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    Islay fishing advice.

    Nothing like it used to be, this year was my fist year in 43 years not catching a fish, you would be much better off approaching Dunlosit Estate as the river is much better looked after and maintained than Laggan estate, laggan estate is owned buy the gentleman that went very public with the...
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    Dont Worry the fish farmers are going to fix our rivers for us

    We need to miss a complete years fishing, a couple of rivers at a time starting with the big four, tough initially for the guys employed on the rivers, but if jobs are at risk somebody might listen in parliament. No politician is go to listen to a slow death of a specie, it needs impact. I’m not...
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    Apache shrimp

    Not bad on an empty glass.👍
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    Thurso 2020 and 2021

    Sine of the times I'm afraid, river back to where it was 20 + years ago before they stopped the netting, time to wind up the hatchery and get it back into production.
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    Tropical fishing gear.

    After being lucky enough to fish for bones, permit and tarpon for the last 30 years I fear it’s come to that time in life to hang up my gear. I’m just putting it out there to see if any of you are looking to take this fabulous sport up now that the travel restrictions seem to be easing. I have...
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    Do Salmon colour up at sea?

    My last sea liced fish on the Fowey in December was 30 years ago, so sad.