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    Are there any members on here with experience in fighting against company’s who “Legally” deposit sewage into rivers

    Haven't read all the above threads but if it hasnt been suggested would suggest contacting Fish Legal they've lots of experience Morphfly
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    Camoflaged flee's.

    Reg Rhygini is your man. ? Advanced salmon fishing based on SALMON TAKING TIMES . Morphfly
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    Which vice

    Not to be a pedant, but I will ,vise is the American english spelling of vice. Sorry Morphfly
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    Polaroid Glasses & Contact Glasses

    Thanks Morphfly
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    PC threshold

    I've just read this thread,highly amusing, however,for those of you living in Scotland, it will soon be an offence to share such views even in your own homes. Imprisonment is possible. Happy Christmas, stay safe, wear a mask, wash hands and no closer than 6'6" Morphfly
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    Polaroid Glasses & Contact Glasses

    Do they perform as well or better when looking at the river/lake in bright sun light? Morphfly
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    Polaroid Glasses & Contact Glasses

    The only problem I found with contacts I had to have a pair of reading glasses for close work. Due to age my distance vision has improved but my near vision requires me now to use reading glasses. Normal days I wear my varifocals. However I'm able to use non prescription Polaroid sunglasses...
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    'Fess up. Which one of you sent this letter?

    Telegraph of course! Morphfly
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    I suppose it's not as important with shooting heads but would be with running lines. Morphfly
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    Wader Studs.

    I've still got a pair of leather Simms with the original tungsten tipped studs and the studs are as good now as they were when I bought them. Morphfly
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    Afon/River Tywi 2020

    Clearing at Llandeilo 2 pm yesterday. Visibility 18 inches on margins. I was on a riverside ramble not fishing. Morphfly
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    Simms wading boots. To treat or not?

    Have had a pair of leather Simms for about 17 years. The studs are as good now às the day I got them! All I do is wet them, if they've dried out, before use. Morphfly
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    The Hardy Angel MK 1

    15m of dacron? I know where your from but 15m of dacron is pushing frugality a little far sir. Morphfly
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    Reliable no nonsense trout reel, recommendations please

    Yes gives a fast retrieve Morphfly