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    The Hardy Angel MK 1

    15m of dacron? I know where your from but 15m of dacron is pushing frugality a little far sir. Morphfly
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    Reliable no nonsense trout reel, recommendations please

    Yes gives a fast retrieve Morphfly
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    Reliable no nonsense trout reel, recommendations please

    Gearfly! A reel for a gentleman
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    No power on forward cast unless knee deep!

    From what you say your left hand up for single spey on left hand bank and right hand up for double spey. Are you in everyday life left or right handed? Morphfly
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    Disgusted with this!!!

    Unfortunately people like him expect to get away with an insincere apology and sadly they do. Morphfly
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    Covid -19 distribution in B&B's , hotels and self catering cottages etc.

    What I meant was they were no worse than those who locked down or continued to lock down. Didn't say that they had had no effects. Morphfly
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    100 yrs ago most children died of infection rather than genetic frailty.Infections which were not influenced by social class though more prevalent in the lower class,as usual. the very elderly and infirm are at greatest risk, the infirm group are those diseases of modern life consequent to...
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    Covid -19 distribution in B&B's , hotels and self catering cottages etc.

    I have some sympathy with the opposing views expressed on this thread but unless life returns to what we termed normal ,soon ,there'll be nothing to return to. Though 50 or60,000 deaths is to be regretted it's only what could be expected from a major flu epidemic. Remember some countries didn't...
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    Afon/River Tywi 2020

    President Drakeford insists on the 5 mile rule. I assume you comply! Morphfly
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    Breaking strain

    Is it nylon ie maxima or fluorocarbon? 6lb maxima ok for small flies and 10 for bigger ones. If your fishing a river with a tradition of big fish then 10 and 15 maxima would be appropriate. Morphfly
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    Gentian violet

    Now your talking a brush and a tub of gentian violet and our Covid problem would be solved. And more aesthetically pleasing than iodine. Oh for days long gone Morphfly
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    5 Mile Stay Local Rules Scotland

    Looked at the Tweed on Fishpal. I wondered who was fishing or have the beats opened up for the locals(<5 miles) Morphfly
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    Cummings media attempted assassination.

    I agree hasn't had reading of any sort and if it had, with Boris' s majority, wouldn't pass. Also is a back bencher Bill so no chance of getting a reading. Morphfly
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    River Teifi Poacher Caught

    Did he catch?
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    Cummings media attempted assassination.

    Thought there was a bridge to Skye from mainland unless he went via Glenelg Morphfly