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    Muddlers for Assynt

    Vango Force 10? Still got mine, used to camp on Loch Lomond every summer with my son. The Assynt Hostel next to the Inchnadamph Hotel was very comfortable when I stayed there, a variety of accommodation and an excellent big kitchen. We had an evening meal in the Hotel which was not so good...
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    Polarised glasses

    Buy a pair of cheap polaroid glasses and see if they are any good for you. It didn't work for me though. I wear sunglasses most of the time when fishing for the glare and for protection. I've tried different makes and settled on very smart Mau Jim (Sport?) which are comfortable and don't fall...
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    Best Spinners

    If your fishing the Tay I would suggest Toby Salmo, Vision 110, Flying C and a few Kynoch Killers if you are harling.
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    Goats Toe

    Nice Goats Toe. I've tried them and never had any success but you've encouraged me to have another go. Will tie up a couple this evening.
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    The late Jim Dillon of Gillaroo Lodge Bundoran. Introduced us to the Loughs of Ireland particularly Melvin, Conn and Mask. Also Brennans Bar for a great pint of Guinness. He never liked the term Ghillie and always identified himself as a Guide. Taken far too young.
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    Fund raising for the Northern Irelnad hospice.

    Very happy to contribute however you decide to proceed.
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    Tying a Mayfly Emerger

    Nice pattern. Mayfly seems a long way off at the moment. Will tie a few of these this evening, give me something to look forward to. Thanks again.
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    Traffic Light Chiefs

    Lovely flies Ypres. A favourite of mine for loch salmon and sea trout. I hope we get to fish them this year.
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    A Wee Cascade And Park Shrimp

    Beautiful flies. Well done.
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    Vaccine Rollout.

    It might also save your life. Tight lines in Alaska I hope you have a great time.
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    New Down/Primaloft Jacket

    Bought a Craghopper Jacket from TKMAXX for £20, its as warm as the RAB jacket I have which cost a great deal more. No bulk and cosy underneath a wading jacket.
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    Vaccine Rollout.

    I will certainly take the vaccine, sooner the better. Why would you not want to take it?
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    Good shout. Some memorable nights in the Crask Inn with Mike and Kai as hosts, their musical nights were great. Also had some great times at the Craggan in Melness when fishing Loch Hope. There was a wee place in Ballinrobe which combined a bar, off licence and fishing tackle. Great pint of...
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    Rushes May fly size 10

    Thanks very much for this demo. Is this a fly you use often? I recall having success on Melvin and Mask with similar flies. You have encouraged me to tie a few of these but not sure when I'll get to try them out.
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    Stoat's tail

    Very nice fly, looks great on that double hook.