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    22 air rifle plus accesories

    22 air rifle for sale weihrauch hw 97 k sterling gold crown tactical sights 3-9x42ao plantation real tree carry bag optech neoprene sling 6 x pidgeon decoy shells 2 x jack pike 3d real tree nets £300
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    rods for sale

    2 rods for sale snowbeeprestige ll 10#8 £50+p+p daiwa lochmor x 12.6#8 £60+p+p any questions please ask
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    paramaris life jackets x 2

    paramaris automatic life jackets x 2 i have for sale 2 x red paramis life jackets one never been worn and ones been worn twice but never activated £35 each posted thanks
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    hardy gem mk2 12 #8

    im selling the above rod for a friend its in imaculate condition with bag and tube £200 & postage
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    poor old david

    Mummy wont be pleased. It will be bath and early to bed tonight! ? Give the guy his due he was the better fighter Blameing his sore toe, iv heard it all now
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    mint condition hardy gem mk 2 12 foot #8

    im selling the above rod for a old fellow i fish with ,its in pristine mint condition and he wasnt doing it much justice ,lying in the cupboard its no scratches or dinks of any kind and has been thorouly looked after in he short time he has had it offers by pm only ,,thanks
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    tube fly box ?

    There was a link a few weeks ago for a tube fly box I think it might have been zspey however I might be wrong ! Iv tried googling it and searching on the forum and can't find it anywere ! Can anyone help ? Does anyone have the link ?
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    preparing feathers and fur

    can anyone give me advice on how to prepare feathers and fur for flytying ie wings or a patch of fur ,,i often get bits and pieces from a fellow at work and after the last time iv been put of after i got a few hares feet and they started decaying ,,iv just chucked a couple of pheasent wings in...
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    original monkey dressing ?

    Anyone got the original monkey dressing please or even a picture please
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    discovery shed now

    discovery shed now ...
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    river dee early reports

    Anyone any early reports of catches ,seems to long to check fishpal tonight :)
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    Anyone fished crathes myself and my friend will be fishing the on the 17 and 18 fubuary ,looking for some hints and tip and general advice on the beat ,,,fingers crossed the weather is ok for us :)
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    bogdan fly reel on ebay

    for anyone thats intrested
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    leaves !

    Well that's the dreaded leaves on their way won't be long before every second cast hooks a leave , I was wondering if anyone uses circle hooks or even flies a mono weed guard ,the same as pike flies.or anyone got any other tips or ideas ? Joe
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    saltwater ?

    I will be away to sunny climates next week and I was thinking of packing my 9 6 trout rod the thing is will my rod and reel an line be ok in salt water or will salt water rot them and will normal leader material do the job ,the fishing I'll be oing will only be a bit of fun and nothing to...