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    Guideline bullet 2.0 6wt line

    Wondering if any member has the above line surplus to their needs. Looking to try it on a uls switch rod. Have the uls multi tip line but looking for a line with a slightly longer head. Thanks in advance LL
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    Pizza oven

    I have an ooni karu. Great pizza oven. It can burn wood or you can buy a gas burner for it. I use wood. Very dry ash. It doesn't use much and takes about 20 mins to 30 mins to heat up. You need to chop the wood up and split it small to fit in. Works great. My best tip would be make sure you get...
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    Dynaking squire vice problem

    Thanks H. did you get it direct from DK?
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    Dynaking squire vice problem

    Folks, I have a dynaking squire vice - had it for many years and tied many hundreds of flies on it. Love the vice - easy to tie on. However it has started to develop a fault whereby with smaller hooks (with the adjustable jaws narrowed to allow clamping of the hook) the collet and jaws will not...
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    Has anyone ever thought or dreamed of owning a section of river with fishing?

    If you want to buy a salmon beat to make money..... you will be disappointed! BUT there is a lot of pleasure from owning fishing... not measured in financial terms!
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    Has anyone ever thought or dreamed of owning a section of river with fishing?

    I count myself very lucky and fortunate to own fishing on a salmon river in sw Scotland. It brings me a huge amount of pleasure. Not just catching salmon from it myself, but also having others fish and catch salmon too... probably more so. Yes the banks need maintaining, trees fall in... but I...
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    Can someone tell me what this bird is ?

    its a common snipe no doubts trust me... i've shot hundreds of them
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    Yokanga Gold

    Thanks BW - dont know why, but the sunburst tail, underwing and orange look coarser than fox in the photo - more like a fine bucktail. Thanks for sharing - will give some a go! LL
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    Yokanga Gold

    Nice tying BW. Can you list the tying pls, wouldn't mind (trying to!) Tie a couple up Cheers LL
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    Salmon fishing holiday with accomodation

    Hi Finglas, I've sent you a PM LL
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    Trees might not be the answer

    Mass afforestation certainly aint the answer. Just ask any angler in Galloway who has watched once productive salmon rivers die due to mass afforestation and acidification and siltation arising from 1000's of acres of sitka spruce
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    Hatcheries - a personal view from practical experience

    Fishers, I thought I would post my personal experiences of a hatchery on my home river. I will say from the start that these views are my own personal ones - and not those of the hatchery, hatchery manager or the charity that runs the hatchery. First a bit of background: Here in SW Scotland we...
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    Best Skagit rod?

    Folks, I know opinion is subjective, but looking for an out-and-out skagit rod. For use in big rivers and heavy flows. rod length 14 to 16 foot, 10/11 weight rating - 650-750 grain. Any experiences/recommendations would be welcomed. Has anyone tried the new guideline NT8:4 - the four piece...
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    B&W Carbon Expert - what line to use

    Gents, and ladies, Friend of mine has just taken up salmon fishing on the fly. He has got himself a B&W Carbon Expert 15' #9/11 - 3 piece I have no experience of this rod so not really able to help him on which lines he should try on it - and what weight/size He has a trip coming up in early...
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    Best line for lpxe 6/7 switch rod

    Folks, I am about to take delivery of an original model lpxe switch rod It is the 6/7 11ft model The guideline literature appears to rate it as needing a line of 15-17 gram (231-262 grain) This seems quite light Is anyone using this rod, and if so what are your experiences re the line weight...