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    Doggy Photo's

    Connie at Islamouth.
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    The Dreaded Flying C

    I think you misunderstood my ratio. 1/50 2% death rate on fly, 1/5- 20% on flying c As for suddenly thinking after 1st June it’s open season on Spring stock that the previous week was C&R that’s got to be wrong hasn’t it? Particularly as the water warms and loses more oxygen.. I don’t see the...
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    The Dreaded Flying C

    I didn’t suggest banning anything. Just curtailing it’s use when their are C&R restrictions or gravid stock. If you plan on killing all your catch then carry on. Fishing moves on and releasing fish is more common than ever. Use a C with a trailing flying single as per the diagram if you love...
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    The Dreaded Flying C

    I'd say in the years I used flying condoms they were swallowed 20% of the time. I've had probably 8-10 fish i've had to chap on fly in 25 years. its a rough estimate but I'm sticking by it. I'm not buying the "lets not go fishing then" argument. The conversation is here because a line can be...
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    The Dreaded Flying C

    you don't deep hook 1/5 salmon on fly. its more like 1/50. I'd say these are the kind of ratios we are looking at. That's in my experience. The trauma of a C deep in the gill rakers on a fish combined with heavier playing of the fish and braid is way worse than removing a double hook or leaving...
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    The Dreaded Flying C

    I don't think that's the aim of this thread. We all like catching salmon but the if the offset to a good day is the unintentional death of a gravid fish or even having to take fish on a full C&R river or the spring stock is targeted when its C&R then it needs looking at. It's unethical.
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    The Dreaded Flying C

    All of it. I've fished for salmon my entire life and i know for a fact that you deep hook more fish on a condom than fly. I'm not saying that the method should be banned by any stretch but facts are facts. Maybe you have a dynamic new method that only lip hooks them but I've had lots of fish on...
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    The Dreaded Flying C

    seriously? I think any salmon angler that has fished both methods would say that’s not true
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    FishPal river levels data feeds

    Is it just me or is it sometimes impossible to get the river levels pages up on the FishPal site?
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    Ok, so where is the back end run?

    Getting into September now and the catches all over the UK are terrible. Those of us that remember before the dreaded 5 year average stats that seem to be the mainstay on the online outlets will know that beats like Almondmouth in late August and early September to catch 1 or 2 fish a day is...
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    Loomis roaring river greased line 14' #8-9 GLX

    14' Loomis GLX Roaring river greased line. For sale in v-good/ mint condition. Very little use. Complete with rod tube and bag. Will throw in a line with the deal a Snowbee 2-D 8-9 floater. Fantastic line which loads this rod perfectly. Takes a 10' polyleader no problem. 275.00 plus postage
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    sage 12-4 #8 repair.

    Hi, I recently caught my small double handed on an overhanging branch and as a result lost the 2nd-to-last snake ring off the rod completely. This kind of thing has happened in the past and I have sent the blank in for repair. This time I'm keen on giving it a go myself. I'm looking for any...
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    Loomis 11' #8-9 IMX

    As above in mint condition can send pics if requested £140.00 ono
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    River Mourne at Baronscourt

    A few pics off the Duke of Abercorne's water on the Mourne/Strule last Sunday. There is a full report under The Irish rivers section.
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    Wanted Loomis greased line glx 14ft

    As above I'm after one of these. Pm me please cheers