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    POLL: Tie of the Month April 2021: I can already hear you groaning!

    As a minimum there must EITHER be a hackle of at least two colours or a throat and overwing. Whichever option is taken the colours must be the same as those used in the tail.
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    First Sand Martin’s

    Healthy number of Sand Martins over the Dove on Tuesday although there were no fish rising and no obvious hatch. Conditions for them to be over the fields.
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    Swap a Guideline NT8 13ft 9”. 9-10 4 piece

    Would you be interested in a Sage TCX 14' #9.
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    Sloe Gin

    Have you never heard of Limoncello.
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    Maradona dead

    A match??? He and two others, Swan and Layne, were throwing games under instruction from a bookie.
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    Maradona dead

    Is that the Tony Kay who played for the Toffees until he was banned?
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    Maradona dead

    An amazing player on the pitch but a total disgrace off it.
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    Whit flee noo.

    When I first started salmon fishing in the 70s I just took a few flies from my fathers box and lost them. In the 80s he decided that it would be a good idea if I provided my own, this was fine but as I pointed out Doncaster was not a centre of salmon fly tying. He gave me the address of a friend...
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    Nice pint out of my nom de plume

    I liked Kenny Everett too.
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    Patriot Doubles

    Has anyone else had trouble with these hooks in so far as the points become blunt after a short time. During my carp and barbel fishing days I checked the sharpness of the hook at every opportunity and when people queried this answered with "I catch more fish on new hooks". The truth was I...
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    River Tyne 2020

    Correct Reiver Flash & NEbody. Not hard core leckytech just retired and bored. May give MCX a PM about the Ure and stop off on the way home for a day. Daventus Why???
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    River Tyne 2020

    Giving the North Tyne a go tomorrow, first outing since my day at Bywell about a month ago(one fish lost). It's a hell of a drag at just over 400 miles round trip. Maybe I will try the Ure next.
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    Sharpes gye net

    Try this.
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    New Switch Reel

    Well you convinced me to give the Traxion a spin, well you and Foxons selling the Traxion 3 7/9 at £75 plus p&p. We Yorkies must stick together.
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    Fantastic spring on Tweed

    OK I'm English but I have fished both the Tweed and the Spey as recently as last year and I'm pretty sure they are more than 10 mile apart.