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    Flies for the Exe

    I was getting some casting lessons on the exe one day and I had some red wool on the end of the leader, a salmon took it much to my surprise. Something with red in it maybe ha ha !!!!!! Sorry doesn't help does it
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    Ordering from EU

    Funny, buy from China and no extra charges
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    vacuum / magnetic Rod holders.

    I've used magnetic, can't fault them, I've also used suction and you have to make sure the cups are clean and the car where they fit is clean, I have had them lose suction on the off occasion, magnetic ones are either magnetic or not
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    Sorting one's self out!

    I find Pedro that what works for you doesn't always work for someone else. Keep it simple, The West country rivers are quite prolific for seatrout, I use a straight through 8lb fluorocarbon on s 10 ft rod. My go to flies are a g and h sedge fished dry, doubles as a wake fly and then Teal blue...
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    I've Just Wet Myself Laughing

    Yes and the price of some rare rods ( not rare just old) are unbelievable, re advertised numerous times and never get sold
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    Dee success

    Had many a fish out of there when I fished the dess, very tricky Wade on the dess side, I always wanted to fish it down to the tail but couldn't do it our side
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    Dee success

    Looks like most taken in the mill pool. Or that's what it's called on dress side
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    Gone Fishing: The Consultant’s View

    Keep them coming, it's up there with the best of them, even my wife looks forward to it, makes a change from escape to the chateaux (yuk)
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    Assist hooks

    These come fitted on slow jigs for sea fishing, work a treat for Pollack, don't get snagged so easily on the bottom
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    Fluorocarbon Recommendations.

    Thinking of trying this it's a good price and recommended
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    Low water - no hope?

    You've only got to be lucky once
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    Fluorocarbon Recommendations. does it
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    Fluorocarbon Recommendations.
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    Fluorocarbon Recommendations.

    Yes that's the one you should be able to find some on Amazon or ebay
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    Fluorocarbon Recommendations.

    I think if you search the net also eBay you should be able to get some, they have upgraded it I believe