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    Planet of the Humans

    Sounds like a Stupid Woke statement. Talk about growth, Have you been east recently?
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    Usk 2020

    Well done?
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    Too much information.
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    Back to neoprenes

    Diawa hybrid look good but wonder why they charge so much for the stocking foot version. I always find boots attached cluncky and not good for long walks.
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    KK rules !!!

    40 fish good Lord, I’d like to know where you live!!! Ha ha I haven’t had a pull This season. In fact you have had more salmon than I’ve had trout this season .!!
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    Bearings for loop reel

    thing Is if it spins freely in both directions then the bearing could be ok. The prob could be a worn cork disc, or as budge says reassembled incorrectly if It been apart.
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    Bearings for loop reel

    Wonder if it’s similar to this model? If so it could just need adjustment. The top right paragraph describes this, and mentions the spool being free running in both directions first.
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    Bearings for loop reel

    Personally I’d first get a magnifying glass and see if there are any markings. If you spot any that can be very useful to look for a replacement. Failing that I would remove the Bearing. And check again because it could be marked or etched on the opposite side. It’s important to get an accurate...
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    Bearings for loop reel

    Since you intend to change replace the bearing I’d get it out and measure it. Should be possible to find a replacement on the inter web. There are many bearing companies out there, and prob a standard size anyway.
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    When youre reminded how lucky you are !!

    Lovely thread Great shots it truly is a wonderful world. Just wished mankind took better care of it.
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    Buy from Thomas Turner direct and save your money

    Also there are pages and pages of sold items!
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    Bass fishing

    does not take long sometimes for a thread to turn downwards.
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    Pulling the feathers away I can see a silver body with silver wire. Behind silver body is black short hackle, then purple thread Holding upturned golden crest feather. In front of silver body looks like black floss. Wings Golden pheasant, long red and light blue feather, there are jungle cock...
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    I got an old Neroad fly box a long time ago and in it was this vintage fly. Anyone have any ideas what fly it is?
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    Great news for fans of Mortimer and Whitehouse

    I’d never buy one but the missus won’t miss her stuff. Regular TV I find unwatchable these days.