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    How do I edit a item for sale?

    You can't edit it. You'd prob be better to make a new post.
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    Spider Wire for me
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    WTD - L5W 8twelve

    As per title, anyone got one they no longer use and wanting to move it on?
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    Great fun on single hander

    You would leave the fish in the river and leave it to nature. I had to do this on the Dee a few years back. Seems nut's but those are the rules.
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    Loop Cross S1 12ft

    This rod is in great condition and has been hardly used but fancy a wee change so looking for a possible swap option for another rod. Open to all options. Please PM with interest. Looking for something within a similar price range and quality. Thanks, Kenny
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    River Wear 2020

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    People's thoughts?

    Brownie to me
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    Loop GDC 31g - 8#

    BNIB - £50 posted PM if interested. Thanks, Kenny
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    SOLD - Loop Cross S1 13ft for sale

    Mint condition, hardly used as i tend to use my 12ft S1. £350 posted. Also have a range of quality lines to suit if needed. If interested please PM. PS: May consider a swap for 14ft...ish rod of similar quality. SOLD
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    River Ayr 2020

    2 caught off MBAC through the week that i know of, not that many being seen though. Noticed 13 cars on the Muirkirk beat yesterday between Muirkirk and Sorn so would hope there would be some caught up there. Fished from noon till 5pm yesterday afternoon in perect conditions and seen nought. The...
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    Opening of Scottish rivers

    There is a fishery open in Ayrshire, Broomhill. Athough not a river (still water pond) but fishing nevertheless. I past it on Friday and there was approx 10 rods fishing. My understanding is that none of these venues should be open to the pubilc but some seem to be making their own rules up !
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    Fly reel for my 12ft Cross S1

    Looking for a reel to suit my 12ft S1. Budget in the region of £100 > £150 but everything considered. PM if you have something suitable and looking to move on.
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    New Format

    Sorry, it's not a right click, just tap on the name and the opions come up.
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    New Format

    When you see the adds you can hover over ebay name, right click on it and you get an option to ignore
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    New Format

    Right click on ebay and you get an option to ignore, you wont see them again(y)