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    Arkle and Foinaven ( 2 years ago today )

    Wonderful photos, well done indeed.(y) Did you not get any photos of Loch Dionard and the Strath?
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    Doggy Photo's

    Breagha is on a monthly tick and worm treatment plan Andy so very few actually embedded into her and those that did all headed to the usual places and I was able to either head them off at the pass or pick them out very quickly.(y) Thing is, most of them were as tiny as I'd ever seen and moved...
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    Doggy Photo's

    Back to ticks. I spent every day up in the Far North this July picking the wee feckers off Breagha. Myself, worst day I had 5 buried into me. Strange thing is, I've walked the hills for 40 years, in shorts in Summer, and never had a tick embedded until this year.:unsure:
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    Fish farm in Ballynakill bay Co Galway

    I've got to laugh at Governments who spout platitudes at world junkets such as COP 26 about protecting the environment whilst conveniently and enthusiastically embracing the Aquaculture industry which is destroying our waters worldwide.:mad: Norwegian fish farms have systematically destroyed...
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    River Nith, 2021.

    I have to say you teuchters from Glasgow South and West have some brilliantly descriptive although hardly romantic pool names on your rivers.;) Up in the Heelands where I live we would at least think of something that sounds better. Like òtrachas Pool maybe???:D:D B.T.W. well done Salarfinder...
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    Bruce and walker powerlite

    Yes, he knew Big Peter well. B & W rods definitely benefit from at least one line up from the stated rating. When the Powerlite range came out I got a 15ft 10wt version and it was a beast of a tool. Coupled up with an 11/12 Rio Accelerator or a Wet Cell 11, it was the 1st of the "modern" tippy...
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    Other Species Caught.

    Loads of mussels remain in the Far North and North West rivers in Scotland. It's all about pollution.:( The Teith and Earn, for example. used to be absolutely full of quality brown trout. You would do well to catch one nowadays.:(
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    Late afternoon on the beach today.

    Taps aff weather.:D:D
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    Pupdates----2 Sisters Reunion.

    Day 2 and already I have a lodger due to Central Heating works, both banished to the pen for riotous behaviour and terrorising Breagha, who appears quite happy they are now safely locked up.:D Still having a boxing match which stopped abruptly for refreshments. Started again now though.:ROFLMAO:
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    Pupdates-----Sitting To Attention.

    Picked up Bonnie yesterday evening and spent a chaotic few hours as the house descended into mayhem with her and Breagha giving it big licks.:D Today she is responding to a bit of discipline long enough for a typical Spaniel looking deep into your eyes pose.:cool:
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    Saturday on the Wee Buchaille

    I know it is but why make it complicated to the folk on here who are only interested in photos? It was Stob Coire Raineach, the closest one that we did and looking across to Stob Dubh although we were quite happy to get down. Regardless, the weather was brutal. Thanks for the correction...
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    Saturday on the Wee Buchaille

    Aye Andrew, but those are mainly climbing stories and it would have taken brave and skillful lads to attempt the Curved Ridge on Saturday as it was perfect verglace conditions.:eek::eek:
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    Saturday on the Wee Buchaille

    Boochal Etive Mor is the Big Herdsman of Etive situated at the entry into GlenCoe and Glen Etive, That's the Big Buachaille. Boochal Etive Beg is the Small Herdsman of Etive tucked in behind the Big version. That's the Wee Buachaille. There is a difference of around 200 feet in the altitudes of...
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    Saturday on the Wee Buchaille

    Aye, that was the plan but it was quickly ditched after reaching Stob Duhb We were away early enough and it wasn't available time that defeated us, just the lure of the Clachaig stove and several pints of Cairngorm lager.:D And a bowl of their finest lentil soup.:cool:
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    Sunday On Ben Ledi

    Decided on a wee filler on the road home today so a quick sprint to the top in 1 hour 10 minutes was just the job. Bitter cold again with icing on the path made it interesting enough. :cool: