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    Danielsson for 14’6” Hardy Zephrus

    Used a H5D 11 - 14 om my 14' 6" Zenith for a few years. 9 - 13 will be too light IMHO
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    Tying thread

    Veevus 10/0 and 12/0 works well for me.
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    Rio line weights.

    You are quite right, the AFS was designed with the bulk of the weight right under the rod tip giving easier and quicker loading.
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    Rio Connect Core - Issues

    I have had the same issues with connect core running lines this year, it's rough, it cracks, is very thick for the breaking strain and has terrible memory. One guy I fish with has had the running section of two In-Touch Scandi Outbound integrated lines crack and break up this season so far. Rio...
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    Gloves for fly fishing

    This is possible the best advice I have had from the forum. Great solution would not use anything else now thanks.
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    Rio SVT body 9 wt

    Looking for a 9wt Rio SVT Body if anyone has one spare or unwanted. Mine got shredded on a rock !
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    Sadly yet another one goes

    Sadly Cliff Harvey closing
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    Claret Arctic Runner

    Does anyone know where I can get some Claret Arctic Runner ?
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    Alcohol limits cut to reduce health risks

    Yes here we go again!!! I am grown up and over 21, I know that alcohol can, and does, cause massive health and social problems. Now apparently we should not drink more than six pints of 4% beer a week, and wait for it......................NO you cant have all six pints on a Sunday lunchtime...
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    Hardy Marquis Salmon 2 and 3 Spare Spools

    Has anyone any experience of using the "New Marquis" spare spools on original Hardy Marquis salmon reels? I still use the original (football rattle) Marquis reels and could do with a couple of spare spools. I keep looking at new reels, but as a Yorkshireman brought up in Scotland my DNA seems...
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    EA Fit for purpose?

    A very interesting letter from Andy Hurst regarding issues on the Lune. Ring any bells around the country? Letter to EA 2014.pdf. If the links do not work just copy and paste in your browser