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    Glass ? is it coming Back ?

    Fished one for a day a local rod had, she was the Echo Glass 12ft. Very nice it almost made me want one.
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    Inland Fisheries Ireland

    What gives you that impression
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    Physical weight of Saracione Mark V Salmon reel?

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    John Norris Fly tying sale today

    They still are even to NI as well
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    So who spent some dosh on some Yeti coolers? Any feedback. Seeing them more and more in the UK for sale but little actually out and about.
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    tell me when u see them

    Ullapool is a fair rip from Mull to be fair o what are you talking about. Am confused o_O
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    tell me when u see them

    Was searching the forum as I'll be in mull in Sept. there pretty costly for a day fishing after farmers :unsure:
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    What type of water do you avoid fishing?

    I hate combat fishing. I just can't stand it as etiquette seems to be very much lacking these days. So I go off the beaten track like mountain goat or a lightly fished beat, and Ill fish any pool that I think a fish will stop in. Been playing out well so far, fly in the water means more fish.
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    Single Hander recommendations

    Guideline ULS. Done!
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    Nothing of the sort, educate yourself
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    River blackwater (N Ireland)

    I believe the main salmon area is Blackwatertown, from the island above the bridge downstream.
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    SH Full Inter line for lakes

    Any recommendation for a single handed line for boat fishing on lakes.... (18g/#7)
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    Pinkie caught on the Forth

    One got at the weekend on the ridge pool of the moy in ireland
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    Fishing with light tackle

    Have the same rod and it's an absolute peach of a thing. I rate it way better than the Salmologic Skyborn switch which was my number one until I got this little wand. Thanks to @simoncassidy :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Fish locators.

    Am of the opinion its a massive help. after using one for pike, I'll be adding one to my boat and most definitely tempted to run it down a few pools to get an idea of at least the underwater topology.