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    Any Other Problems?

    Generally.... it is found with a single handed caster when they progress to a double handed technique all the "memory" they have in the single handed cast gets transferred to their dominant upper hand in the double handed cast... I say generally where perhaps the single handed caster hasn't had...
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    Spey line for beginner

    Going with the longer traditional line first... it will make sure you get the fundamentals(substance) right before adopting a style You can go two ways with the longer line... you can go with the Salmon Version DT... but you will be trying to buy a second hand line... or you can go with what...
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    Red varnish

    Hi Arnold... lovely selection of flies and finished heads... thanks for the advice on how you finish your heads For the holographic tinsel heads what size and brand do you recommend? Best wishes Ger
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    The best salmon flies?

    At a quick glance I am surprised that nobody appears to have a Park Shrimp, properly tied with Arctic Runner....
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    Double Taper Salmon Spey Line 10 to 12 SORTED

    Hi, Hopefully somebody has a DT Salmon Spey Line (Floating) in a 10, 11 or 12... I want to see will it help my casting technique as I practice over the winter Fingers crossed Jer SORTED... Thanks for all the replies
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    The River Drowes

    100% a season ticket i know that there are people who drive more than 100 miles each week just to fish this river.. on a season ticket on a summer Wednesday evening without a thought Once you start fishing it you will understand why... as they say... it can be a hard river... but just fish the...
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    The River Drowes

    I think the second picture is of the crooked hole above four masters bridge... the first is the sea pool There are so many lovely pools on the river drowse that you will be spoilt for choice... in such a short length of river... its worth doing some exploring from the lodge down.... here’s a...
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    Hardy web site

    I have been trying to contact hardy uk support to service a hardy angel reel... I received the same error message when using the uk site... somehow stumbled on the us site where the message went successfully... but heard nothing back... so rang the uk support number and was given an email...
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    There are some really great interviews on Ireland on the Fly as Woodside says... I can thoroughly recommend them.... available as podcasts Truly inspiring listening on these dark winter evenings
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    Line for Night Fishing.

    Mike Barrios SLX line is definitely a good choice where you are going to use the floating line option for night fishing... it roll casts beautifully, will accommodate the usual Spey casts well... because of its line profile... and can be overhead cast too
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    Just really bad at wet fly

    Great advice from the lads above I would add that you could concentrate on fishing your fly as effectively as possible.... sometime, as an experiment put on a really bright biggish fly and cast it as you normally would with a floating line and not too long a leader... maybe say 8-10ft...
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    Very early in the morning

    Hope your right T7... late getting up and only now at 8.30 heading to the Mourne today... 5 weeks in a row of no shows due to excessive water... only to be met by a super sunny day today... looks like Factor 50 and casting practice!
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    Escaped salmon from Argyll farm appearing in west coast rivers

    Is there any obvious clues that fish are Farmers rather than wild stock? Just wondering how tell the difference as more and more posts seem to be referring to them
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    Another wading jacket thread......looking for alternatives to Simms

    I am going to go off piste here and ask if anybody has tried the Taimen jackets... they look really good and from what I have read they are pretty good jackets too It would be great to hear from anybody that has gone with Taimen