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    Loop SX 13'2 fast

    Looking for a Loop 13'2 fast 4 piece or a 6 piece cheers
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    We need this to happen in the UK.

    Super video hope it happens here in UK .we are way behind
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    13’2 ft #8 loop cross xs

    Im looking for same rod 13.2 in Fast action but it looks like the have sold out every where
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    Guideline lpxe v2 v3

    Hi looking for a guideline lpxe v2 or v3 15ft 10/11 for a pal of mine cheers
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    Guideline lpxe

    Thankyou very much
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    Guideline lpxe

    Hi all going to buy a lpxe for shooting heads ,i have a chance to buy the v2 and also getting a decent discount on the lpxe v3 ,,which one would you preferer v2 or the v3 many thanks jammy58
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    Guideline lpxe v3 15ft 10/11

    Hi looking for the Guideline lpxe v3 15ft 10/11 cheers
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    Penn Battle 2 Spinning Reel

    I have for sale a Penn Battle 2 Spinning Reel almost new hardly used ,Fantastic salmon spinning reel with Power Pro Braid ,£70.00 posted
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    Hardy Marksman 2 T-Series 14ft 9#SOLD

    I have for sale a Hardy Marksman 2 T-Series 14ft 9#,in good condition ,This is a fantastic rod that will cast any lines SH Skagit and spey lines,There is a thread on this rod on rod section on this forums. £340 posted
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    Daiwa Whisker 11 ft salmon spinning rod SOLD

    Daiwa Whisker 11ft spinning rod in very good condition hardly used £150 posted.
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    Loop sx 13.2

    wanted a loop 13.2 sx please pm me many thanks
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    Hardy Marksman T Series 14ft

    Hi i have a Hardy Marksman T Series 14ft for sale Complete with stoppers/ bag / tube in great condition £330 posted cheers
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    Loop Megaloop Fly Reel #10

    Hi, I'm looking for a Loop Megaloop Fly reel #10 in excellent condition. Please PM me with what you have. Kind Regards,
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    Loop cross s1 15ft

    Looking for a Loop Cross s1 15ft cheers
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    Hardy Marksman Spinning Rod 11ft

    Hardy Marksman 11ft spinning rod i have never had the chance to use it ,wrappings still on handles , i bought this as a shop display ,the round metal bit at the bottom of the handle has some scratch ,this rod has never seen the water ,£350 posted Or swap with a 13ft Loop Fly Rod Let me know what...