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    Afon/River Tywi 2020

    Cheers, Fished yesterday but headed upstream until water clarity improved. Fished Llandovery water for a hatful of browns plus a couple of solid pulls before it coloured up again. Some nice fly runs though. Jim
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    Afon/River Tywi 2020

    Hiya Has anyone any idea On the clarity Of the middle river today - am thinking of fishing tomorrow but know we’ve had a big flood and it’s a good hour away. cheers Jim
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    Afon/River Tywi 2020

    thanks for responding Sewinboy, pm sent ?
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    Afon/River Tywi 2020

    Hi folks please could anyone tell me if it’s worth swinging a fly on the lower tywi in lower water?Am thinking of getting a day ticket on caaa or cross hands water, to explore, more than in expectation of hooking up. thanks Jim
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    Wye 2020

    I wish that were so, but I had several from the lower exe about a decade ago...not sure if theyve spread through the system or not
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    Fulling Mill recommendation

    The title says it all really. They have helped me sort a problem that isnt even theirs, but one of their stockists who has gone incommunicado. Such service needs to be flagged up as an example of excellence, and of going way beyond the call of duty. F M thankyou!
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    Loch garten area - August

    Hi all, I'll be staying in this area for a few days in August and am looking for a couple of days on the Spey locally. Can anyone recommend a beat that will take a fly and not be too busy midweek. Am thinking perhaps kinchurdy ? Preferably chasing salmon but love my seatrouting too! Regards Jim
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    upper dee - rainy forecast

    hi all, i'm off to fish the upper dee, then upper tay this week, and i see there is heavy rain forecast sat/sun - should i be worried or is this a good thing? (i am used to rivers where this would knock fly fishing on the head for a couple of days!). we are fishing mon - weds. any thoughts...
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    WTB reel 8/9 size - any out there?

    Hi all, Im in the market for a used reel to match a 13'6 evotec - to take an 8/9 full line plus backing. But not too pricey!
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    line for loop evotec 13'6" mf #8

    Hi all, calling on experience: could anyone suggest a nicely matched line for my summer rod - full or shooting head thanks Jim
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    wanted: 12 - 14' 8/9wt rod!!

    Hi, Has anyone got anything matching this description gathering dust? would like (read 'need') another piece of expensive carbon for some summer grilse fishing! thanks jim
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    river laune

    forgive me for this is not a report - yet! i am off to kerry for a week on 14th august, and intending to fish the laune for salmon (ferta and inny are out, i see). would i get away with a 10ft single hander, or shall i pack the 14ft 10wt? am not very experienced at salmon fishing to be honest...
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    River Rheidol

    I am considering heading to the Rheidol before the end of the season, and was wondering if, given the dearth of rain currently, the generating water encourages salmon to run? Data shows that there are daily releases at the moment, and the river rises by a few feet - surely this ensures that...