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    Coffee machine

    This lot have a very good range and deliver all over Ireland. They even have a deal where if you place a regular order, say one every two months. and it's over X you pay less... well worth a try.
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    Coffee machine

    Irra buy that Bialetti pot and spend the £200 you save on decent coffee. The quality of ingredients is far more important than that gadget And yes, I'm addicted.
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    Lane minnows

    fair enough, brain gone to mush, but the Lane fella was in Kerry
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    Lane minnows

    Lane Minnows, the ones as shown by IBM with the wire trace not the tulip mount were among the very best spinning baits and still are. I have a few left and will keep in case Satan calls!!! The originals were made in Kerry - Abbeyfeale? - by a fella called, strangely Lane. Few baits can be as...
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    Fluorocarbon Recommendations.

    I use Seaguar on the hols and if there's a chance of the fish I've been dreaming of since I was 12. For everyday stuff I use and find it reliable to the point that I use it, successfully...
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    Lightning Thread

    Just finished this, very enjoyable despite Mr Profumo's enthusiasm for sharing his extensive vocabulary, a bit of name-dropping too. Nevertheless, it is very well written and is often the case in these things, it may prove an epilogue for social and fishing cultures on the wane. Good company...
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    The best rod range ever made.....

    I really like Loop Cross 14, maybe mine is one of the redeemed ones. Or maybe it's me! I like Gaelforce Destination and LTS Explosive rods a lot too. Obviously all will be dumped immediately to make room for a full set of Frofin's new Salar2 rods, maybe with matching reels. I used Sage single...
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    My favourite Irish Shrimp flies

    A good list but I would have included Bailey's Shrimp, a very good, all-season shrimp fly Tail: Wound pheasant Rear body: Gold Wire: gold Middle Hackle: Silver badger Front body: Black ostrich herl - or if needs must, black seal's fur. Front hackle: Good claret, I like a good hen hackle Head...
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    A proper massive fish

    yes, apologies, befuddled and bothered. thanks.
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    A proper massive fish

    Tana - not Namsen- another big fish river, now closed apparently due to stock collapse over last decade
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    Backing - recommendations please

    Kastking braid, cheap as chips and reliable. So cheap you can change it every few years.
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    Golden olive bumble

    Well, done, one of the great lough flies, especially this time of the year. Often augmented now with a small fluro red tag.
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    Brilliant Gaelforce vid James in action

    great stuff, a terrible tease though in this locked down year.
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    Clash of political cultures and understanding here lads. Scandanavia is a high tax, high public services region. If you think the flies are expensive look at the price of a decent car ... yet very few Scandis drive bangers. But then, they have free health care, education, nursing homes and all...
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    Trondheim area 2021

    Any updates? Drawbridge still up?