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    Climate change

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    Coffee machine

    Less cleaning & hassle wi an Aeropress (y)
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    I think channel 4 has it now as well… so free(y)
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    Tradesman’s Corner

    Try turning the main stopcock back a bit... trial and error?
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    Vision Hybrid shooting head

    Personally the confusion started with watching a video from Antti Gutthorm. He says to choose the weight of the belly from their tables, scandi skagit etc. and not to worry about the tip! Another video has a bloke fishing a single hand rod with one saying he uses a polyleader instead of a tip...
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    Snatched, 34 lb salmon

    That was clever(n) I don’t know him, never met the man, even had a horrible private message from him once, but… Why be so callous to mention his name when it’s already been explained it wasn’t him that caught it⁉️
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    River wear 2021

    As he’s not on the forum now to defend himself, I’m pleased somebody else is‼️(y)
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    River wear 2021

    Snatch & Release :oops:
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    Guideline 4D Compact Multi Tip … SOLD …thanks to buyer

    I have a Guideline 4D Compact Multi Tip single hand 9/10 that weighs 25grams. Details in photo Only been test cast with the intermediate tip! In shops for £140… selling for £90 posted to UK. (Paypal as friend or fees your end) A lot of money but basically as new!
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    One for the Road Racing Fans!

    Not before time! Stoner enjoys life since retiring…
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    Salmon Novice Set-Up North East

    Depends on your budget! They have an ex-demo LPXe switch for £252. (y) Too expensive… get a cheaper reel and line to compensate! If necessary upgrade them at a later date, in the knowledge you’ve still got a top class rod.
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    The best rod range ever made.....

    Worried about his reaction score! ⁉️:sick: To get back on thread... Loop Blue Line. (y)
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    What you're most detestable buzz words or phrases !

    Mega …:rolleyes:
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    Anyone used a Reddington Behemoth

    PS. I nearly bought it before the price drop… and I’ve too many reels anyway!
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    Anyone used a Reddington Behemoth

    Look in classifieds… Guideline Haze, can’t understand why it’s not sold at that price! I have no connection to the seller, but I would say it’s superior to the Behemoth. (& not too big) I had a Lamson Liquid and the paint finish started coming off just looking at it! :ROFLMAO: