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    Boot foot breathable waders

    My parter has very kindly offered to get me some new breathable waders for Christmas. I gave up on stocking foot waders a few years ago, mainly because I have a bad back and bending down to put on or remove the boots can make it worse. Also, a lot of my fishing is done after work, when I nip...
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    Its a dugs life

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    They are coming for us too

    Greens and antis call for Licencing of Grouse Moors. Scottish Gov. we don’t know anything about grouse shooting best commission a report. Report recommends phasing in licencing in 5 years time. Scot. Gov. We know best, let’s do it now! Hardly surprising from a gov that offers a once in a...
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    Pheasant shooting curtailed

    This statement certainly highlights the Greens intentions and total ignorance of grouse moor management. It is just rather worrying that such a minority party with clearly very little knowledge of the subject, is able to have such influence over policy and decision making, just because the SNP...
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    The Dog Gone Thread;

    Thanks Ard, for sharing your memories and beautiful pictures, of an obviously very special friend and companion. It brought a tear to my eye. Your loss is something only a fellow dog owner who has also experienced the same, can fully understand. I am absolutely positive, your new companion...
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    Caption Competition

    Spot the ballon
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    also weird and wonderful

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    also weird and wonderful

    Many years ago, when I left school, I lived near Duns. On a local hill farm, the farmers daughter was having a coffee with the shepherds wife in her cottage. The shepherds wife was looking out the window, when she said, “blimey, look at the size of that fox”. The farmers daughter had a look and...
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    Peat Stain!

    I have noticed the same Brian. Given the amount of harvesting that has taken place, over the last year in the area, I suspect that is the likely cause.
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    Peat Stain!

    As others have already stated, the acidity level is more likely to have an adverse effect on fish, rather than the actual stain or colour. Although, in many cases the two might go hand in hand. Someone mentioned the case of fish being stocked into acidic water dying. I know of someone that...
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    Nice pint out of my nom de plume

    No need to apologise Andy, it’s not easy to tell with the angle he is sitting at. A good fishing dog is a perfect companion on the river bank. Mind you, one that is not happy sitting watching and goes off raking about would be a nightmare. Having a well trained dog makes such a difference, plus...
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    Nice pint out of my nom de plume

    He’s actually a Patterdale terrier, absolutely loves to come fishing. He will sit and watch me all day. Likes to lend a hand with landing a fish but finds catch and release very disappointing. That nice steam you were fishing Westie, down below Neidpath Castle is the Mary Bell.
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    Nice pint out of my nom de plume

    I’ve got a lovely bit of water.
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    Locked Down Tweed ?

    I can be 100% confident these were running fish. Most were head and tailing right at the tail of the Dirtpot pool. A classic place to see and intercept running fish. Potted fish tend to sit and show much further up that pool. Others were right up on the surface pushing forward and a lot were...
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    Locked Down Tweed ?

    Back on the subject of fish in the upper river just now. I went down today, for the first time in two weeks, just to see what was running and to try and intercept one of the silver ones that everyone keeps seeing. Now, just to let Coneheads, or whatever he is calling himself now, know, I was...