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    Teith Croc

    Thank you….cracking fish by the way. Hoolet
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    Teith Croc

    I saw one fish all day yesterday, fished hard on a big water, mate had a wee seatroot and a brownie & that was the sum total for the day…..very poor hoolet
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    A Sair Heid And A Few Fish

    Very nice Tom….Beech Tree? Hoolet
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    Mortimer & Whitehouse Gone Fishing Series 4

    Wow, Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning? I’m afraid you may be in the minority there.
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    First on the Hitch

    What a fine looking fish, well done Hoolet
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    So who’s at it?

    That’s some photo…lassies right arm looks about 5 feet long !!
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    Starving sea birds

    I think you’ll find it’s his dwuffel Cwoat & Wewwies ! 😁
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    Starving sea birds

    We were out at South Queensferry for lunch yesterday and there were a good few Guillemots about….weren’t looking their best
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    Bude, Cornwall

    Bottled out of heading for the sun at the end of this month so we’ve decided on a week in Cornwall instead, Never been to Cornwall before so we’re looking forward to our visit, anyone have any suggestions on where I could get a day ticket for Salmon or trout? I’d even consider a throw for some...
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    Name the UK rivers that you have caught a salmon from....(this is not a who's got the biggest ego competition)....just an interesting one

    Stirlingshire Carron Endrick Forth Balvaig Allan Tay Ericht Blackwater (Shee) North Esk South Esk Annan Coe Tummel Garry Dochart Earn Gress Creed Stinchar Halladale Thurso
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    My personal 10ft spinning rod

    I can’t praise Gordon’s work on the Spinning rods highly enough, Light as a feather, plenty of backbone & cast like a dream. One added bonus, I can spin all day if need be without my back giving me gip. Had my first go with a wee 3000 size reel and braid last Saturday, wee flick of the wrist and...
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    There’s all sorts of weird & wonderful things to be found in Glasgow….. Hoolet
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    Typical beaver damage.

    I’ll ask just one more time…..have you seen the workings of nature’s greatest architects with your own eyes or just on photos on the computer sitting in your bedroom with the Spider-Man wallpaper at your Mum & Dad’s house?
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    Typical beaver damage.

    I’ll ask again…have you been to the upper Tay and seen for yourself?
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    Typical beaver damage.

    It’s already a beautiful woodland….or at least was…have you been to see for yourself may I ask?