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    Hardy Zephrus 12’6 7/8 vs Gaelforce Equalizer ESSS 33ft ?

    Thanks. Yes I am aware of the new situation regarding trade and UK. It reather stopped with the Brexit....In DK it is normally close to same price as previously - except a Duty-fee (20 GBP).
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    Hardy Zephrus 12’6 7/8 vs Gaelforce Equalizer ESSS 33ft ?

    Thank you for your replys. I am almost sure it needs a 8/9 to be at its best......
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    Hardy Zephrus 12’6 7/8 vs Gaelforce Equalizer ESSS 33ft ?

    Anyone using the Zephrus and the integrated (short version) Equalizer ESSS Switch/short Spey Float combination ? Personally I am thinking that I should choose the 8/9 version instead of 7/8….? I handles slightly heavier lines than I thought when I bought it… This is my references so far.. Rio...
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    Gold bodied Willie gunns

    Very nice !!
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    Stuck Ferrule...Help!

    Try this with the modifikation that you both have a hand on each part. Then just pull/draw. It works everytime because of the even pressure. otherwise rubber gloves are also a very good way to do it. I always carry a pair of gloves some use when doing the dishes.
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    Is junglecock important?

    Some flies I would NOT fish without JC. Others I do not care...Some put JC on Sunrays ! I personally prefer them without...but a tube ala Pathagorva or Green Highlander - I would never use without !! Does it matter ?...yes to me...but not to the fish.... :)
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    Frodins new range of Salar Salmon Rods

    That is a good question ! I did not myself find any information. some of the rods will eventual break…and how will they deal with that….If it is as I think…they will replace any broken rods within warranty for 12 months…but they might have some additional….but then they should have stated it I...
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    Frodins new range of Salar Salmon Rods

    I really cannot see the problem… He is in the tackle business and wants to make some money/run a business. He is one of the most “known” in our sport - and to me he has had a big influence on our sport. Now his new range of rods are put for sale and priced at market price. example: 15‘ rod...
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    Autumn prospects

    Be ready ! From what I can see - next week Tue-Wed some rain in the forecasts for Aboyne and Banchory - I personally think the end of week 37 or week 38 might be very good.
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    Autumn prospects

    I see both Park and Lower Crathes have put a few open rods on Fishpal...If rain comes they should be picked up right away !! :-O
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    Lines - nerdy question

    And ofcourse MCXFisher is 100% correct in what he writes. I just put the other dimension into the picture. Normally I make jokes with friends in Denmark who tells me that a certain rod only will cast well with (let's say) 31,5 gram and nothing else....then I say - okay - we make a head of 3...
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    Lines - nerdy question

    Weight is NOT the only issue ! The length of the head AND the taper (even distribution of the weight or more weight to the back?) will have a huge impact.... Much more than many think !!
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    Patagonia/Denner Boots

    The latest price-reduction I think will be good for the sale of Patagonia Danner Boots. I am not sure they had wide succes selling the boot due to the high price. But with a reduction (I do not know if it is world wide - but at least in DK !) 100-115 GBP helps a bit...... :-) I fancy the boots...
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    Polyleader Or versileader

    Polyleader ! Use Airflo ..they are very good. I have never needed to pay extra for Rio’s :) Flylines from Airflo sinks better than the same sink rate from Rio...whether that also include poly leaders I am not sure of...
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    Okay ! I did not know that ! Thanks for the info 👍👍