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    Observations from Lincolnshire

    Shouldn’t worry about anything Flappy says Mac.........looks like he “joined “us this afternoon and started off with controversial posts on the Maradonna thread. He/she doesn’t appear to have introduced himself......🤔
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    The Dog Gone Thread;

    Nice post......wonderful memories
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    Maradona dead

    RIP ...... 3 days national holiday in Argentina
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    The Close Season What You Doing Today Thread?

    You’ll be getting sweet FA for your cheek 🤣 This year is the Year of the Humbug...........its official
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    The Close Season What You Doing Today Thread?

    This lock down business is depressing in more ways than one........ I’m beginning to doubt whether I will be allowed to travel north for some spring fishing........certainly not going to be booking any in advance.😕 The festive message appears to be celebrate Xmas with your families for five days...
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    Nice pint out of my nom de plume

    Cheeky.....,,, Still living the dream ????
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    Nice pint out of my nom de plume

    Hemmingway Ernest Another heavy drinking womanising sportsman who liked to go fishing ?
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    More guns

    Some crackers there ?
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    Mini green butt

    Very nice ?
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    Locked Down Tweed ?

    Pishpal says it is a lower river beat so it must be ?
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    Green butt my style

    Very nice ?
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    Green butt tubes

    Very nice ?
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    Locked Down Tweed ?

    Why is he???? How dare you question my opinion ? It’s a good job you’ve got your tin hat on?????????? It’s that long since I caught a fish that I’ve forgotten what they look like.....mind you I remember the taste ?
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    Locked Down Tweed ?

    I'm not trying to be controversial here btw... I think you are