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    SOLD: System 2 Reel 10/11 with Spare Spool

    As above, both spools with backing. Price reduced to £55
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    I Need to Test Something;

    If the administrators can't get the site to work, what chance is there for the rest of us?
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    Light weight digital scales

    Plenty on ebay for a fiver, just put in "portable digital scales".
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    Exceptional runs of fish in Ireland

    Trawlers are not allowed to land salmon which they call red fish and because of this they do not want to catch them as they cant get rid of them.Very heavy fines if caught by fishery protection boats. There may be a few of them transferring salmon to foreign boats at sea but I do not see it as...
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    System 2 reel and Spare Spool

    Tried to amend price for this in the original post below. I can find no way of doing this so here it is. Price reduced to £60
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    System 2 10/11 Disc Drag Reel with Spare Spool

    A very original System 2 reel complete with spare spool and backing on both spools. Owned by me from new, good used condition. £100. Free postage UK.
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    Hardy fly reel repairs

    Hardy is now Pure Fishing at Alnwick. Phone number is 01665 602771 but I don't know how helpful they will be.
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    A set of magnetic rod holder to carry up to four rods. Excellent condition to fit any car with steel roof and bonnet. £25 including UK postage.
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    Salmon and Seatrout flies and tubes

    Better have a look at Rules for Classifieds above.
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    Looks like you have never fished the Thurso, all the regulars use a dropper there, although I personally don't.
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    HMH Tube Fly Tool

    Looking for one of the above if anyone has one that they are not using now.
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    The rise of the celebrity salmon fisher

    You won't notice it on social media if you don't sign up to facepuke or similar in the first place.
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    Caught Red Handed

    If the buck in the first picture was in my garden, it would be in the deep freeze by now.
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    Fish Kettle

    This is a Kitchencraft fish kettle for steaming or poaching salmon or any fish. It measures 24" long x 4.5" high x 7.5"wide. It can be used on gas, electric or induction hobs. Excellent, as new condition. £30 delivered UK. SOLD