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    RJC Rods

    My 12' 5" #9/10 has arrived.....will aim to get out this weekend and try out 2 or 3 lines on it to see how it performs.
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    RJC Rods

    I have taken the plunge and my 12' 5" #9/10 weight (new model to the range) should be on its way to me next week. Should be ideal for those Avon springers.....just the small problem of connecting with one to overcome!
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    Devon supplies

    Thanks Chris
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    Devon supplies

    Hi they have a 4mm bore?
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    Gaelforce Multi Tip Sinking Body shooting head

    Just wondering if anyone uses these heads and how they perform......are they easy to cast? Do they get the fly down deep quickly? Any feedback appreciated.
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    Bouncing betty devon minnows

    All good advice. I usually use the controllers (as in gwelsher's post above), but thought a small tube and an effectively thinner link may be better. I like the ease of changing weights using the tubing
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    Devon Minnows - Floating or not ?

    Well hidden! It's attached to the reel line, but I put a Drennan swivel stop bead over one end to protect the swivel knot from the running link and an anti-tangle sleeve over the other end of the swivel to help prevent the link tangling.....seems to work.
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    Devon Minnows - Floating or not ?

    My setup includes two bb swivels and a few "coarse" to protect the swivel knot and the other to help prevent tangles. Don't usually use a mount, just a thread the minnow on the leader and then a tulip bead....
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    Devon Minnows - Floating or not ?

    Enjoy fishing a floating minnow on the Hampshire Avon. In years gone by (and still today) it accounts for a good few fish each season. All the traditional colours are used, but blue and orange is a favourite of some Avon anglers. This comes from the old book by Colonel Crow (Hampshire Avon...
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    SOLD Rio Skagit Shooting Head (725gr/47gm)

    Line has only been test cast and is in excellent condition. £33 posted (SOLD)
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    Bouncing betty devon minnows

    I found someone who makes links and I am going to try the following setup next season....still utilising the bouncing betty, but the link should provide less resistance so might be able to get away with a lighter weight....
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    Echo King 13ft #10 weight

    Rod has been lightly used and is in excellent condition. Strong, powerful and casts a nice line. £269 posted.
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    Rio Skagit Max GameChanger F/I/S3/S5 (725 gr)

    Line has only been used a handful of times and is in excellent condition. A useful line for the backend or for fishing in the Spring. £35 posted.
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    SOLD Vision GT4 Catapult 11' 6" #7 weight switch rod

    Rod is in good condition. Only selling to finance another purchase. £169 posted - NOW SOLD
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    SOLD Abu Ambassadeur 6601 C4 Multiplier Reel

    Reel is in excellent condition and comes complete with box and paperwork. Neoprene reel cover also included. £85 posted - NOW SOLD