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    Wye 2021

    Best wishes to Kenny for a full and speedy recovery. Bloody dangerous some of the Wye banks.
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    R.I.P John Challis

    RIP. I expect he's done some deal with the afterlife.
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    R.I.P. Jimmy Greaves

    RIP. One of the greats at poaching goals. And you never seen him falling over and crying when he was being kicked to bits by Nobby, Norman Hunter etc.
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    Sourcing hen hackles

    You're right Brian we did have access to a lot more quality stuff than now and at reasonable prices. I still have a lot of catalogues from these dealers in the 60s and 70s and the choices are many. Now you just have Veniards rubbish or overpriced stuff from the US or Scandi.
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    Sourcing hen hackles

    Blimey that takes me back some years. In those days we had lots of small independents like Ellis. The "substitutes" that Ellis did for various feathers looked pretty much like the real thing :)
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    Sourcing hen hackles

    Cookshill are quality suppliers. The website is basic send Steve an email detailing what you want
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    Best game of tennis I have seen in years. And boy can both those girls give the ball a whallop. Not just power though they had skill to go with it.
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    Annoying pop ups on this site.

    Ghostery is the best by long way.
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    Another Kinermony

    Looks good (y) My only suggestion would be to make the Yellow hackle much longer.
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    I would happily fish all of those for Sea Trout (y)
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    Scissor recommendation

    Veniards are a load of rubbish, so are all the other overpriced branded ones, compared to the dental scissors we buy.
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    Scissor recommendation

    I agree with Shaun I have several pairs. But these are even finer points
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    A few Spey flies

    Very nice (y) (y) A nice Spey fly is the best looking fly there is.
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    Intruder Shanks

    It depends what gauge wire you have. I have various thicknesses of Flying C wire and the heavier ones would be best for it. It does not need to be too heavy.
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    Intruder Shanks

    Making your own shanks.