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    Chinese water deer ??

    Never used it but as the deer is very small I would imagine it is a fine hair maybe more suited to sedge wings than spinning.
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    An experiment

    No reason for that not to work (y) (y)
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    River Dee ballater

    I haven't fished it since storm Frank so I don't know what changes there have been. I have some maps and pictures that might help you. PM your email address and I will send some over.
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    Step by step - long tailed shrimps article

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    Goo sander or merganser ?

    Best of luck Colin. As said the authorities are a waste of time :mad: We have a massive problem on the Wye with them. Flocks of 50 or more on a lot of the pools.
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    River Dee ballater

    Is it the Monaltrie beat you are fishing?
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    (y) (y) Very much the way I tie it. But I do like the Macaw. The fish probably don't give a damn but I like it :) I have also tied it with small JC cheeks which looks nice but ditto Macaw above.
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    S&TC report on the EA

    A report on 25 years of inaction.
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    New clothing available...

    I've just ordered 2 sets for my trip to Floors Castle :p
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    Anyone who ties custom flies?

    Send a PM to the regular posters of flies.
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    Stacked Tube Flies

    There have been various posts about this and articles in magazines. It looks like a lot of old posts were lost when the forum moved software. Try searching on here and in google for names like articulated tubes etc. A mate of mine, Britfisher on here, wrote an article for a magazine some years...
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    Crathie ?

    (y) (y) (y)
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    Stacked Tube Flies

    It's not a new idea. I posted some year ago about this years ago which concentrated on heads and tails but I also use different body/wing parts. It is not my idea various other people have posted on it.
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    Are we really that gullible? 😲

    Its been getting even worse for the last 5 years or so with all the "influencers" who post on forums and social media extolling the wonder new material, tool etc from XXX company or other. They don't mention that they get the stuff for cheap/free. I could kit somebody out with a set of fly tying...
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    Hair wing blue charm ?

    That's the way I was told to tie it. Low and sleek. Tom also liked his variants. I know he experimented with GloBrite #14 yarn as the hackle. There is also a variant which is the same dressing but tied on a gold hook.