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    Reasonably priced package - rod and reel sinking line high water

    I am just starting out Salmon fishing having fished for trout and grayling for a number of years. I had intended to concentrate on September / October fishing on local rivers and have a single outfit which is likely to be OK for floating line fishing in lower water. (It's a B&W Cordon Bleu 14ft...
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    Fly Line to Backing

    Hi folks Just about to assemble my first set of fly fishing tackle for Salmon in order to get some casting practice and tuition. What method do folk use to join fly line to backing (it'll be the running end of a Hardy Mach)? I have fly fished for trout for 6 or 7 years and have always used the...
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    Reel / Line for B&W 14ft Cordon Bleu Salmon Rod

    Folks I have managed to acquire second hand one of these rods as my first Salmon Rod to fish on the Lune / Hodder / Ribble. Can anyone who uses one - and I gather they are quite popular - tell me what range of reels / lines you would use with it? Thanks GD
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    Salmon Rod for Lune / Ribble / Hodder

    Hi folks Intending to start salmon fishing this year now that I have access to some water on the above rivers. I am not intending to go mad on tackle but I do want to be able to watch out for bargains; most likely time to start is mid / back end of the season as I will be concentrating on...