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    Dee August 2016

    Few photos from this years trip to the Dee. The grilse were generally very small but in beautiful condition, managed one big clunker of a fish on the last day (the wind on Monday was a challenge!) Water slightly peaty at start so using Hover with Cascade(8) but as the water dropped moved to full...
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    A few years back Scotty fae bains (forum member who doesn't seem to be active any more) kindly sent me some Microtubes which he said had worked really well for him. They were very, very sparsely tied Willie Gunn colours with a little flash in them and have since caught me quite a few fish at...
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    A fishy Valentines day present!

    My missus caught a salmon within 10 minutes of her first ever cast and said "this is easy, what's all the fuss about". She usually does pretty well and both her and I would love it if she could make it more often. Unfortunately we can't usually work it for her to come as well but when she...
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    Tummel this week

    Am in Edinburgh for a few days half term. Wifey has potentially "allowed" me to go somewhere "not too far away" for a day. She's now thinking she might come along with the kids so was thinking they could go round Pitlochry, House of Bruar etc while I fish the Dam beat. Anyone have a view as to...
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    And another where is this.................?

    My missus on a good beat. Where is it?
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    Tweed trip October 2015

    After a very disappointing year I had 3 days left to rescue it on Bemersyde last week. River low with a few kippers around but no obvious fresh fish. Day 1 I had 2 on/offs in the stream which served to frustrate me all the more. However on day 2 I was put on Woodside and told to chuck a few...
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    Open, St Andrews

    Who does everyone fancy? Am thinking of a wee bet and looking for some inspiration ..................
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    guess the river thread, lets get those hidden gems out

    Here's my missus catching one. River and beat please ...................
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    T&S this month.

    Great article on some alternative destinations other than the Big 4. Giving me some food for thought and making my mouth water.............have fished Kirkaig and Shin but never the Lyon, Ullapool, Broom etc etc. Some amazing looking rivers................... Anyone got any other smaller rivers...
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    Tweed November 2014

    So just had my 3 days on the Tweed. Far fewer fish around and too much rain. Day one nothing was touched by anyone. Then yesterday only 3 of us turned up and I managed a relatively fresh 13lb hen from the boat in the afternoon which gave me a great fight due to the heavy current. Then arrived...
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    Got to the Dee in August and it was 12ft above the gauge. Just arrived on Tay today and similar, about to spill into car park. This is getting annoying ................
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    Cold autumn day on Tweed

    Don't think I've posted this one before. Love this shot. Taken in a nice cold November on Yair, Tweed. Some of you might recognise the pool? Looking at it is getting me in the mood!
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    Cargill, Tay

    Thinking of booking a day on it when I'm up in a few weeks. Someone told me to go for a specific day as one of the beats is better fly water and more productive than the alternate one. Trouble is I can't remember which it was. So should I book Lower or Upper? Any advice appreciated.
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    One from the Dee after the big flood last week

    Caught this fish at Lower Crathes, Dee last week after the flood. Water was sitting at just over 4 ft. Caught on Wet Cell 2 and size 10 Cascade. Estimated 11-12lb.
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    Pitlochry dam beat

    Am up fishing for a few days later this week. Have a day on the Dam beat on Friday. Anyone fishing that day from the forum? cheers