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    Tragedy and Civility

    News full of an old man that got stabbed at work and yet hardly anything about a 14 year old boy who had all his life ahead. If M.P. s want the public to treat them with respect then act like responsible adults and not a bunch of spoilt brats, Bob.
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    Brazil’s rain forest soya used to feed farmed salmon

    No use fishers going on about the state farmed salmon are reared in. Need to go to the customers. As long as the celebrity chiefs keep using it and telling every one how good it is not much is going to happen. Bob.
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    Jeremy Paxman speaking sense

    Need more well known faces to help. Bob.
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    Brazil’s rain forest soya used to feed farmed salmon

    Been going on the last few years. I use that argument when talking to Vegans ?? about the harm they do compared to me shooting a surplus fo game for the table. An article in the Herald today telling us the wonderful benefits of eating farmed salmon. Bob.
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    Climate change

    In the recent past i have had very thin and good solid grilse out the same pool so can someone please explain how that happens. It was only a few winters back when we had a bit harder winter that the scientists in the global warming were put back into there box and the ones that were saying we...
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    Is Angling going to the Dogs?

    Reminds me of the time i was fishing one of our slower pools. Because of branches sticking out over the water and being a rotten Spey caster i was over heading. Caught a big red sod which ran most of the backing off before i held hard and broke the line. They Limousines can fair go. Bob.
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    River Earn.

    Barracuda how did you get on. Bob,
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    Earn 2021

    Yesterdays levels not that many years ago would have given the 3 of us many fish landed and a similar number lost. Not that you can lose something you never had. Other than a couple of sea trout not another fish seen or touched. Would like to see the river come back but can not see it happening...
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    Earn 2021

    A number of years ago we were cutting the grass for the lady that owned the last netting station on the river Ferryfield. You could at low tide see the gravel crossing the mouth working its way upstream across the mouth each season.. Do not know for sure that they are still netting the sea trout...
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    Earn 2021

    Down here the water seams empty except for some coloured fish. Usually wading down the shallows starting about mid September you stumble into the redds the fish have being making. Not a single one this year so far. Wonder if the gravel bar across the mouth below Ferryfield has now gone...
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    River Earn.

    Kinkell has a wide range of pools for different heights. Do not have Sandys phone number but if you look up Kinkell Fishing's you should be ok. If you are very lucky you may catch a fresh fish but would just go and enjoy being out on the water. Was sorting out old photos the other day and have...
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    Broken rod section

    If it is like Hardy's and my Swift it is less than 3 years or until they bring out a new model. Bob.
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    Earn 2021

    Out yesterday and remarked to my friend how the leaves on the trees are more like August than October. The problem if they are there is that the fish do not run to our calendar. Shooting long tails in October in the past most if not all the leaves were off the trees. Bob.
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    Earn 2021

    Keep wondering what is going on. We used to get a run of "grey backs" in the 15-25 lbs mark every autumn, As soon as they felt the hook they were off to the sea. The runs of back end sea trout gone. Our bit just seams empty. The massive shoals of grayling spawning in May covering large areas of...