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    Fishing in the Fog

    I was talking about during day fog and catching salmon, steelhead and bass close in. I was thinking that it should be no different for sea trout at night. their physiology is so similar, that the change in the barometer should not be the sole reason for lack of catches.
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    Switch rods useful or a marketing scam?

    I don't use anything else now, and haven't since 2015. After a lot of practice, i can spey cast a lot further with an OPST switch set up on an 11'3" #8, than i can on my 15' #9. Plus its a lot lighter. I am an average/mediocre caster though. I'm sure the expert casters opinion may differ.
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    Fishing in the Fog

    No real skill at all. Just tread softly, stand 6 ft or so from the waters edge and send a few short casts at 45 degrees downstream, step and cast down the bank.
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    Fishing in the Fog

    Ive caught fish in the fog. Normally close in, in shallow water. I never wade water in fog, until i have fished it from the bank. Two fish i have had in less than two feet of water. One was only about six foot from the bank. Both were on the inside corner of large bends. Generally, fog makes...
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    A solution to the seal problem might be on its way - Nukumi, a 17ft female Great White Shark is halfway across the Atlantic heading towards Europe. They love seals. When i lived in the States, one GW turned up on Cape Cod in 2012, the next year three, in five years they were tracking 18 or so...
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    Down to reel backing?

    Quite a few times early on. Now i stop them as soon as they pause after the first run. I keep the rod low and fight them from the butt, and any move one way and the rod immediately goes the other way, by consistently changing the direction of the fight it disorientates and confuses the fish...
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    Cheap or what?

    When salmon or sea trout fly fishing, the reel is the one thing i would splash out on. If anything is going to go tits up when you have a big fish on, its your reel. I once lost a 40lb plus striped bass (truly a fish of a lifetime) wading on Cape Cod, because she ran out over two sand bars...
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    Purple Flies

    I think it depends on the purple. Some purple almost has a UV quality to it. Likewise chartreuse, steelhead blue and pink. Orange, red and yellow wings and underwings have been used for yonks but not so much the other colours in the British Isles. Which is surprising when you consider that...
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    Tube flys and putty

    I wonder what colour was the biostrike putty ? I can't be the only trout fisherman to have fish 'take' the indicator....
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    The munster blackwater

    Not since the early 90's, it was in private ownership for many years until recently. It was on the North bank, first beat above the wall i think. My memory is of a relatively short beat with nice fly water. We only fished it twice i think. Dad hooked and lost a grilse one evening on the fly...
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    How to Carry Scandinavian Patterns

    I have the Finsport wallet system from a while back, but any wallet system is going to flatten your flies. I put my flies for the day or session, in ziploc bags before i leave the house or car boot. I take a spare bag so used flies can go into it for washing, resharpening etc. otherwise they...
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    Leader help

    Try the fulling mill US store. Or Stroft.
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    Long Johns - Jeans or something else

    For winter, silk longjohns and joggers. Spring, autumn i wear chino type trousers. Summer i wear pyjamas. Winter top half is usually - under amour top, LL bean lined fleece shirt, patagonia nano puff jacket, then wading jacket. If its a quick fish, ill not wade and then i just wear an old ski...
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    Does everyone on here fish for trout?

    I started salmon fishing on holiday in Ireland when i was 12, then i had one speycasting lesson at 20, which started me flyfishing for salmon, and then i gravitated to stillwater trout fishing as i had caught the fly fishing bug and it was more accessible at home. I moved to Guernsey in 1992...
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    River wear 2021

    Yep. its a pretty good argument for beavers to be reintroduced on rivers.