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    Mortimer & Whitehouse Gone Fishing Series 4

    That was the carp episode. It says ‘38lb River Wye, Erwood. 19th April, 1986. RR Browning’.
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    Which size amnesisa running line ?

    thats why i stick to Rio or OPST running lines. lines like reels should be the best you can afford for salmon.
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    Use of old braided fishing line as backing

    Yes, no issue as long as its 30lb plus. Its very common to use braid as backing in the States for conventional or spinning. unlike dacron or flouro/mono it does not go brittle and is not affected by heat or light. it does wear and fray. If its still on the spool, you are fine.
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    Giant Swedish Hatchery Fish

    If you find this interesting, it is very similar to jigging for striped bass in the Cape Cod Canal. Same kit and technique. they catch Stripers up to 55lb there.
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    Mortimer & Whitehouse Gone Fishing Series 4

    I very much enjoyed the carp fly fishing episode on Llyn Gywn. Adding that to my must visit list next year. wild carp on the dry fly looks great.
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    Passion for… A Cleaned Up Wye

    Is the Hampshire Avon a native barbel fishery i wonder ? It is famous for both its barbel and salmon fisheries, though both have declined from their heydays. i also wonder if the barbel are an issue in the western rivers, if the reintroduction of otters would keep their numbers down in a kind...
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    Best chance of an Irish Springer in March?

    Yes, the Munster Blackwater, it rises in Kerry and flows through Cork and Waterford.
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    Pink Salmon.

    Shauna i think ? fish moved up last week. i hope he does. One of the locals had an 11lb sea trout way up the Neb last October, so its a strong possibilty. his fish looks very much like what I saw. It will be interesting to see if any more turn up.
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    Best chance of an Irish Springer in March?

    i think its a self fufilling thing on the Blackwater, if more people fished earlier more would be caught. its the same as the Sea Trout, now people are night fishing for them again, good numbers are being caught, albeit very small peel or finnock.
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    Pink Salmon.

    Looks like the blind seal got him in the harbour. Maybe thats why he ran up ? i dont think the young lad should be too downhearted its still a fish. 👍
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    Best chance of an Irish Springer in March?

    Yep, Drow or Delphi. i have looked into it, both can be good in March but it can be hit or miss - too cold or too much water. Delphi is very expensive at €100 a day, but you get the full lodge experience if you stay there. personally, i would not book ahead but just go where the fishing is...
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    Pink Salmon.

    did he ? That is interesting because we had bugger all water and the river was on its bones. i am in two minds as to whether i hope it was another one or not….
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    Any research on Loch Maree

    I would ask the AST Iain. They might have plans to study it.
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    Silver Salmon, where are they?

    Where did you fish for the Baltics ? I would like to go next year.
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    Pink Salmon.

    First one caught here on the Isle of Man yesterday on the river Neb. i actually saw it a few weeks ago with half a dozen Salmon in Peel Harbour but i thought it was a stale sea trout as it was much smaller and noticeably darker. we’ve had a drought since April which is why it is probably so...