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    Which Donegal Backend River

    Above Where on the Finn would you consider above to be high up in the system?
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    Which Donegal Backend River

    That’s the kind of info I’m after. Thanks
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    Which Donegal Backend River

    C&R is no problem to me, I do that on healthy systems. But it is an indication of a struggling system. Anywhere In Donegal seeing improved numbers this year?
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    Which Donegal Backend River

    I’m heading to Donegal next week on a family holiday. We’re staying close Ballybofey so the Finn, Reelin and Mourne are all close by. I’m hoping some rivers got water over the last few days. My question is what Donegal rivers fish well at this time of year for Salmon or Seatrout? Open to the...
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    Salmon Lough line?

    What line should I use to fish a Irish salmon Lough with a double hander/switch rod? I’m fishing Beltra and Carrowmore in Mayo, Ireland. Beltra in particular has some big fish with the possibility of hooking anything up to a 16lb fish. So I need to use a good reel with plenty of backing. I...
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    Guideline Act4 10' 8wt 4pc

    Selling my Guideline Act 4 because I don't use it enough. Rod in near perfect condition. Comes with cordoba tube and cloth bag. Bought from Glasgow Angling Centre. Medium fast action. New tip section. Handles streamers and tube flies. Used as heavy trout river rod...
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    Owenduff Estuary Intimidation.

    Has anyone else had problems fishing the free stretch on the Owenduff estuary below the weir on the left bank. I fished there twice this year, great sport on summers evening catching small sea trout with some to a pound and the hope of something bigger. The Inland Fisheries Ireland website...
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    Location scout.

    Where is this scene? Anyone know where this is. I've seen this print in Delphi Lodge and Inagh Lodge recently. But know one really knows where it is. Is it somewhere near kylemore?
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    Pochers tools?

    Salmon Poachers tools? Fishing my local river today I came across this object. Any idea what it might be used for? It was cobbled together from found objects, ladders etc. The river in question has numerous falls and tiny pools, along with some more serious waterfalls. It may be completely...
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    Big Spring Flies

    Here's a few I've done up for this coming season. I tied up a few tubes for the first time, how can I make the tubes flys better. All helpful comments welcome.
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    What line for a Shakespeare Oracle xt 13ft 9wt

    Bought my first double hander from John Norris last season. A Shakespeare Oracle xt 13ft 9wt for £40. I want to buy a reel and a line for the coming season. The line is where I'll put the money, for now. Has any one any recommendations? I am considering the following lines: Any advice...
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    Damaged Salmon

    What happened this fish? Caught on the fly on Saturday on the Erriff. At first I thought he was diesiesed but on closer inspection I found all damage to be clean and fairly fresh. Did the fish sustain damage coming up the river in low water or did the fish repeatedly rub himself against a rock...
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    Beltra Belter

    Fished Lough Beltra on Sunday and had a great day. Lovely mild weather, overcast and just enough wind. My cousin Brian Gannon and I started fishing at 9:00 and I hooked into this fish at 5:30. The fish took a size 8 double Beltra Badger "style" fly. (I'm not familiar with the pattern, I didn't...
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    shooting head rod

    Hi. I'm thinking of buying a double hander. Which of the below rods is most suitable for shooting heads. I'd like to stay with as small a rod as I can and I'd like a fast action rod. But what about rod rating, are there line weights which are more suited to shooting heads or are there more...