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    When did it become "a thing" to target coloured salmon?

    I can only comment on the Tweed but we used to fish the autumn because there were mutiple runs of fish then - you could catch fresh silver fish ie fish that had been in no more than a couple of weeks, and some that had been in months including "crocs" and youd only keep the former and avoid hens...
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    Michael Evans Speycaster II 15’ rod..

    Shooting head of around 40- 42 grms or a hardy mach spey line in 10/11 works pretty well from my experience Tight lines Richard Sent from my SM-A105FN using Tapatalk
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    Rod Building Book

    Art Schecks book “fly rod building made easy“ is very good - focuses on single handed rods but principles are the same tight lines richard
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    Alta 2020

    Anyone heard results for 2021 Alta lottery i got a text saying i was 693nout of 1300 something Best regards Richard
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    15ft rods

    I like using all sorts of rod lengths but 15’ rods are far from redundant - when you want to swing a fly on a full Spey line they are the dbs; equally for long distance work longer rods mean more distance more easily and controlling the line - don’t see many casting comps won with a 13’ and a...
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    Casting with 25cm streamers, DH or single fly rod?

    Short heavy dh as the leverage with a single hander will be a dog - might be worth droppjng Mick Bell a line he had some short heavy dh made up for striper fishing (badged as farlows i think) Tight lines Richard
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    Geoffrey Palmer

    A wonderful man very funny with it too will be sadly missed on the river banks - a sad day indeed Richard
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    Hampshire Avon 2020

    When I fished at Somerley for a couple of seasons I did just that using sink3/4 lines with some lc13 on the end initially - finally switched to a HD saltwater teeny line with a 35’ 650 grain head on a sage TCR 12’9” rod worked like a dream with Spey or overhead casts and a short leader and...
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    Drill Lathe

    Very nice how are you clamping the blank - with the drill chuck direct or onto a bar inside the blank? cheers richard
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    April edition of T&S

    I can only assume the editor let this through as a subtle April fools day entry - a short piece on a fly which landed a big fish on the Teith(?) - bears very close resemblance to a Dee sheep with the yellow and blue swapped round but apparently a key ingredient is the black fluoro fibre which...
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    Henrik Mortensen DVDs complete set

    For sale the complete set of six Henrik Mortensen DVDs The Perfect Cast, The Scandinavian Speycast vols l & ll, Distance and Delicacy, Cracking the Code & Patterns of Patagonia all in original cases and recently watched so fine. One case has a small split on the spine but otherwise all in good...
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    Sage Method Switch ROD 11'9" #8 as new

    Sage Method Switch ROD 11'9" #8 as new For sale my unused Sage Method 11'9" #8 switch rod which I bought on a whim on the way back from a trip to the Tweed last summer having used the ghillies one for an afternoon and been impressed - with blank warranty card&receipt and I'll throw in an...
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    T&s crossword January

    Hi All Down to my last clue - 51 down "Uk tackle supplier" despite going away and coming back to it still haven't figured this one out (the shame of it) even having three letters of the six A-R-L- Any help gratefully received Thanks Richard
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    Ari Hart LAV reel with spare spool

    For sale Ari Hart LA (large arbour) size V reel - a fishing reel or collectors item as you see fitness no longer made and hard to come by - bought to use on a long rod which I no longer have so reel has to go too - with spare spool. Reel is metallic blue grey with grey spool and spare spool is...
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    Waterworks Lamson ULA FS4 plus spare spools, backing and lines

    For sale Lamson FS4 reel with two spare spools: 200yds 30lb backing on two spools and hardy Mach 10/11 lines - wet 11 and 15' type 8 sink tip (both used for one week). Currently set up for lhw but easily changed, huge capacity but light weight (10.4oz) and large diameter 4.75" with the reliable...