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    Maxcatch Classic Reel

    I have a 9ft 10wt with reel and line for the salt and the odd pike trip, I picked it up in Australia on a work trip and it does the job and has not fallen apart yet. I got a spare spool with a skagit line but not had a chance to try it yet on a double handed rod
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    POLL: Tie of the Month: June 2020 'Bit of a drought in tying'

    a green highlander on a size 6 edit to add the pattern, my apologies folks tag flat silver tinsel tail topping butt peacock black ice dub rib oval silver tinsel body rear yellow floss body front green dubbing wing 1 yellow squirrel wing 2 orange squrrel green hackle wing 3 green fox yellow...
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    some river Cairn pictures

    over 2 days we managed a few fash ;) pictures from 090909 :D
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    loomis or guideline

    removed :
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    Dunkings or falling in this season?

    This is very serious as we all know and a heads up for others, how many times have you had to go home wet through no fault of your waders n Jacket this season? Im up to 2 :rolleyes: expecting more wet runs home!
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    Clyde Springer

    get in!
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    Beth p free style spey caster 12 years old skagit kid this young lady could show some of us a thing or two! Im impressed. fh :D
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    hello from central scotland

    helllo there folks, thought i would sign up as ive been lurking for a while. Great forum here guys n gurls :D fh