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    Silver Doctor Coloured dubbed Waddie

    Like it good sbs too.Are the shanks stainless and where can i purchase them. Cheers F1.
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    Your most successful fly of the season

    Bann special variant 👍
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    Rod differences.

    Thanks for the replies still don’t see what defines salmon or trout switch rods!cheers F1.
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    Rod differences.

    Probably a silly question what’s the difference between trout rated and salmon switch rod is it line weight?cheers F1.
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    junction shrimp trebs

    Like, well tied as usual F1.
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    Days of Awe

    Like them thanks for posting Scierra cheers F1.
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    Connemara Black

    Cracker well tied caught my first salmon on this pattern not as well tied as yours. cheers F1
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    Gold allys tube

    Like it 👍
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    Willie Gunn Waddington

    Cracker 👍,were can I purchase the shanks and split rings cheers F1.
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    Mourne Gold

    Cracker 👍
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    My favourite Irish Shrimp flies

    Excellent, good reading done ok on the Bann special! F1
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    Alistair & Shadow Shrimps

    Nice fly’s is the tail on the 1st fly black buck with flash cheers F1
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    Irn Bru Flamethrower

    Nice fly’s are the bodies copper tinsel cheers F1
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    bann specials

    Crackers favourite of mine 👍
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    micro tubes

    Like 👍.