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    Irish Salmon set new record

    Inland Fisheries Ireland in partnership with Norwegian scientists conducted a pilot salmon tagging programme where kelts (previously spawned adult salmon returning to sea) from the Blackwater and Suir rivers were fitted with satellite tags in order to investigate their marine movements and...
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    Wanted-falkus and bueller's freshwater fishing

    Does anyone have a copy for sale or know where i can get a good copy of this book? thanks in advance.
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    Help needed!!computer trouble..

    I managed to delete a few pictures on my laptop by accident, some of them are quiet important to me.i did a search for them using the search option just above the start button and located them but it says photo gallery can't open this picture because it might be deleted or is in a location that...
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    Salmon in the news...

    Said id start a thread that we can put any salmon related news and articles in so not to have to start a new thread each time. Heres two..the first one is a good read..
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    River Lee 2011

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    Poachers & Polluters Beware!

    Poachers & Polluters Beware – Inland Fisheries Ireland Launch 24 Hour Phone Service Inland Fisheries Irelands national 24 Hour Confidential Phone Line begins operation tomorrow, December 1st, 2010. The all important number is 1890 34 74 24 or for easier recall 1890 FISH 24. This phone line is...
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    Coastal towns and cities on flood alert!

    Coastal towns and cities remain on flood alert as a storm developing in the North Atlantic heads towards the south and west of Ireland. Looks like we are going to have a repeat of last year:eek:
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    Off the beaten track!

    After drawing a number of blanks on the Clare River in the past few weeks,i decided to take a break from the salmon fishing, and try my hand at a bit of fishing on the Grand Canal. To my surprise i stumbled upon a stretch of the canal with a good population of brown trout. The pictures are of a...