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    Do Salmon colour up at sea?

    Is it possible that lice from the silver tide fresh fish we used to get in numbers. Transfered to the coloured up river fish while they bunched together in lies??
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    Do Salmon colour up at sea?

    The Copper Run, Copper Back and Black School are all late run coloured fish from the tidal Foyle that you hear talked about. That continue well after 20th October. The counters would also back up fish running all year round although less in the Auntum the last 10 years or so.. I do know I...
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    How Small is a Small Flee, Really?

    That's exactly what I thought when I saw the thread title. So many think tying on a small hook means a small fly and let proportions run away from them so much they may as well be fishing with a standard size 8 Proportions are absolutely key when dropping down the sizes if you really want to...
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    How was your 2021?

    Hmmmmm A hard season to judge with little rain and no working counter.. The only plus side is Hours fished to fished caught was actually very good, only problem was there wasn't too many hours fished for Salmon this year. The pollock and Coalies were good Craic though. Its just a Pity we...
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    Compulsary vaccinations.......

    I've had it both sides of being double jabbed... I'd rather have had with the vaccine and immunity from having it before, than when it first hit me before Christmas in 2019... that wasn't "just a cold".. looking back now its terrifying how ill I was and didn't go to hospital.. stupid me but hey...
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    Go to fly for peaty rivers?

    April to Mid July Sunburst or Orange hackles and tails with Copper or Gold body and flash. something like a cascade style Mid July to end of season orange and claret or purple.. looking a bit like a McCormicks..
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    This is something I've read before but cannot for the life of me remember where. It's interesting as I clearly remember small silver forked tail parr/ smolts being caught on our lower river in the early 90s. Although, Its not something I've ever experienced since or heard of either.
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    FINALLY off the mark with a unicorn...

    Nice one.. Great to see fresh fish still coming as well
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    Go to coloured water fly

    Getting the water "Perfect" is usually just a pipe dream on our river.. After rain and by the time it gets to a good height to pull a fly round, there's always a tinge to it and usually Brown, then going to what we call a grumble before going Black, which is what fly anglers here pine for... but...
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    Another very dry year

    Hope so.. it would Be nice to get out.. such are conditions/work ive not even targeted salmon yet...
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    What type of water do you avoid fishing?

    The only water I'll avoid is rough White water or the stuff that boils up like it's on a stove. The rest is fair game depending on conditions.
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    Red letter day on the Spey

    What a day, both of you will never forget well done 👍🎣
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    Hairwing Green Silk

    Aye youre right, it's a touch orange but then we called boys with Fiery Brown/Ginger hair fanta baws around these parts when we were wee.. Jockie has turned a sows ear into a silk purse with this one for sure 👍
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    Another very dry year

    Nah No where really did... small murky floods all round but at least it freshened things up a bit but with low night temps it kicks the night fly into touch probably for the weekend ... we really need 2 or 3 days rain now.. I'll happily see a dry spell to I get back from holidays in around 2...
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    Another very dry year

    We got slightly more than an inch... guage shows it peaking at 1.1m up from summer low of 0.88m so about 7/8 inches It's gone as quick as it came though and murky this morning... very cool with it too, not exactly inspiring a trip West yet