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    Line for Night Fishing.

    At night unless fishing a muddler in or on the surface I generally bin the full floater and tips approach after dark and switch to full purpose lines like a sink tip or neutral/slow inter from 0.5ips to 1.5 ips... adding 5ft tips to these then can give a 3D line effect and found it's a far...
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    The Blank is OFF!

    Excellent stuff Westie nothing better than saving a blank on the eve of a season 🤙🎣😎
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    Your Biggest Gripe, 1 only

    More like a nest of vipers that lot
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    Your Biggest Gripe, 1 only

    Agree completely. Theres the odd remote moor and other than the highlands or rural SW Ireland there's really too many people and farms to think about reintroducing a large apex predator. Although hearing that howl at night again would be special.
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    Your Biggest Gripe, 1 only

    You jest but of course others are seriously considering it. There was a short film done on the wolves of Yellowstone after their reintroduction and the good it did to the whole ecosystem. Especially to rivers. Worth a watch.
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    Fly fishing on a small spate

    The this was my only addition as well. Add a range of lines to your kit.. floater with tips is enough but a sink tip inty and wet 2 on spools all add different strings to your bow.
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    Dearth of 30lbers

    The Foyle was and still is predominantly a grilse system. The old historic netting season tells us that as they didn't go on to June and off by August and only extended to September in an exceptional year or May be in a high water year if we got a late drought. It's also the only reason it's...
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    Your Biggest Gripe, 1 only

    Another one for Trolls or indeed Social Media. It gives a platform anonymous or not, to people who really shouldn't have one. They can spout absolute nonsense on things they clearly know nothing about yet think they know everything there is to know. Just don't ask these people to prove their...
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    The River Finn

    Anything Yellow Sunburst or Orange over a gold copper or bronze body and a bit of red and Claret for late July on will do. On the upper river I find long tailed flies tyed with runner fox and a bit of bucktail to work very well. Probably better than the Irish shrimps unless fishing one of the...
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    Minnow feeders

    Y Way back when id have done the same but syringed the minnow with a bit of air to bounce along with a touch of lead as no floats were allowed.... exciting stuff for a wee boy bored with salmon fishing but certainly not used now 🤤😉😁 It's that time of year though, when trout look to pack on...
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    N Now you're talking sense.. By the time the population wake up and decide let's protest against these stupid restrictions, they can't. Why? Because the current government have made it illegal to assemble in groups both indoors and out.. Go to work buy a coffee go for pint now don't see...
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    More government restrictions.. (Load of so and so)

    The data is skewed though without a proper and fully compliant track and trace. The only place everyone knows for sure they have been in the last 10 days is the home. Where ever you have people mingling, you'll have risk of transmission. Less people eat and drink in my kitchen than the pub...
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    More government restrictions.. (Load of so and so)

    No I understand their "logic" in keeping the economy open, just not in preventing the spread. If you're out working all week then having friends over at the weekends instead of going out under the current guidelines is really only hurting 1 thing. The economy at weekends.. it's clearly...
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    More government restrictions.. (Load of so and so)

    Pack into shops pubs and schools but otherwise don't assemble in groups of more than 6. Yeah, had enough of their nonsense already to be honest. None of this makes sense
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    Do you eat the fish you catch?

    Yes I do. I keep a couple of fish and a few nice sized trout most years. While I enjoy catching fish I don't see them as source of enjoyment and don't treat them as such... we're hunting not playing after all.