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    Another boring double

    Certainly not a bore! You have produced some cracking flies and I can see a Sea Trout taking that for sure. More please.......
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    Small double

    Nicely tied and dropper perfection.
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    Hair wing blue charm ?

    Another quality fly and yes, the lighter blue is equally as good.
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    A few teeny ones for the trout....

    That is a really good set to have early season. The Griffiths gnat in my opinion, is beautifully tied and a most definite Trout attractor.
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    My own designed spinning rod

    Thank goodness that quality Salmon spinning rods, are being made again.
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    An excellent trio
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    many flamethrowers

    Another fine collection
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    Lure choice for first cast of 2021

    Blair spoon or Rapala Countdown in brown trout colour
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    Jock Scott 5/0

    Awesome looking and beautifully tied.
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    Hair wing blue charm

    Another gem.
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    Tippet to tippet ring?

    I prefer the clinch knot for general fishing but use the half Davey when chalk stream fishing
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    Just one tonight

    That is a great looking fly and one that should catch Salar.
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    Teal and Black

    A fine standard of tying.
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    sea trout doubles

    A fine collection and all that one would need for a good day’s fishing!