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    Monkey witch

    A cracking fly
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    Fluro carbon.

    I use Seaguar Riverge Fluoro with any problems but agree it is expensive compared to mono. For French nymphing and using a dropper, i have found that using a tippet ring (2mm) to be the best method and using a clinch knot to secure all 3 pieces of Fluoro.
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    Can't have too many WG's in a box

    Totally agree with that sentiment. A worthy fly for any collection!
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    A Wee Two Eyed Willie

    WG tying to perfection.
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    Not too early to tie spring flies?

    I have not been fortunate to catch a Salmon on a green fly, but those two, would ensure that I keep trying!
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    Even more boar bristles flees

    Another three that would be great to fish with.
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    A few boar bristle flees

    All three are excellent flies.
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    worming rod

    11ft Hardy Marksman is my idea of perfection for worming.
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    Some sort of WG

    Beautifully tied but one that would be a must to actually fish with. Very nice.
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    Extended body Mayflies

    Again, great tying and they will certainly work on the hungry Trout.
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    May fly (Wets)

    More quality flies. Beautifully tied.
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    Black and blue flamethrowers

    Would certainly use them in pursuit of Sea Trout. Lovely flies.
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    How to fish flying c's

    I use single barbless hooks and have done so for the last 3 years as a result of my local river banning the use of trebles or doubles. The river keeper actually checks that you are using single barbless!
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    How to fish flying c's

    What works for me is as follows:- 20lb braid mainline to a Sharpes bb swivel (never had any issues with them) then 18 inches of Maxima 15lb mono reduced to 12lb in summer, to a swivel-link. Always cast upstream and vary the retrieve speed. Agree with Pedro on the fresh tying each trip and would...
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    Suggestive Pupa pattern

    Great looking flies and would have no hesitation in using them.