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    Scottish politics

    Time this thread was closed. I wish I had done this weeks ago.
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    Job opportunity with Thomas Turner

    Due to expansion, we are looking for a new member to join our busy team at Thomas Turner. The role will involve photographing and listing fishing tackle and books for sale online, dealing with customer queries and orders, and packaging and posting items. The ideal candidate will have the...
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    Covid Injection

    I'm closing this thread now as it has descended into the usual unnecessary insults, arguments and misinformation. It's a shame but it's just not acceptable and we don't have the time to babysit this thread.
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    Scam warning - user dewanewright8

    Hi all, A warning for anyone who has received a PM from member 'dewanewright8' regarding a wanted post. He sent me a very convincing PM in response to my post saying I am looking for vintage carved salmon. On investigating further, it seems he does this on lots of forums in response to wanted...
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    No post thread on Wanted forum

    I’ve just updated your settings,can you post there now?
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    Carved salmon or trout urgently needed!

    Hi all, We (Thomas Turner) are looking for vintage carved salmon or trout. Please contact me ( if you know of any that might be for sale. Many thanks!
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    Scottish politics

    That’s not what I said at all?
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    Scottish politics

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    Scottish politics

    I think her point was about how the term appeared to others - not everyone on here is Scottish, so it could easily be misinterpreted. That’s all, no need to take offence.
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    Scottish politics

    Again, please can we calm things down. Piling onto one person because they questioned you is not nice. Please rein it in.
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    Scottish politics

    Please don’t have a go at Ard. This thread is really toxic and I am inclined to delete it to be honest. There have been some really unpleasant, misogynistic and potentially libellous comments on here which are unacceptable. Clearly this topic brings up strong feelings but please keep things...
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    Gone Fishing photo caption competition, judged by Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer!

    Hi all, We have a winner! And a runner-up...we decided to add a second prize as there were so many good entries. The winner will receive a £100 Thomas Turner voucher, and there's a £50 voucher for runner-up. A huge thankyou to Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer for their support with this...
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    We All Need To Come Together As One - Strength In numbers (Image subject to copyright)

    I agree, it’s run it’s course. Closing now.
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    We All Need To Come Together As One - Strength In numbers (Image subject to copyright)

    Can we try and keep this friendly please. Clearly this subject brings up strong feelings but there’s no need for personal insults just because someone disagrees with you. If it continues I’ll close the thread.
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    We All Need To Come Together As One - Strength In numbers (Image subject to copyright)

    Hi all, just to let you know, Simon has asked me to delete his account. I have left this thread up for now as it seems to be generating some interesting debate, but I have removed Simon's poster. Kirsty