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    Wade's Arctic Shrimp

    Another cracker Scott - I’m needing a decent yellow based fly - is that orange as tail and yellow as wing , gold body ( or is that the reflection from wing). Anyway it’s nice 👍👍
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    Thurso Dog (Variant)

    Looks awesome BB - is that chartreuse over yellow wing, really like it👍👍👍
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    Welsh Dee 2021

    Cheers Gbanjo - I need to work out a better route back from Top pool- getting there is fine as I normally just march along the farm track and drop down into the field. If it's dry the goat path isn't too bad except from catching your rod in all the trees - but when it's sodden it's just...
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    Fireball shrimp

    They look magic wormo -I’m wanting something a bit more yellow in my armoury👍
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    American Opposum steelhead flies

    You tie some beautiful flies and colour combos YF. I like your style - I know it's not always everyone's cup of tea, but I'm always interested in seeing some different thinking on here. There's always something to take away as something that could be applied on a different fly. Great stuff (y)
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    A couple of Crathies

    They look perfect - like the 'subtle' hint of blue. Your tying is off the scale of nice Nathan. You must have one of the best set of fly boxes ever seen based on the flies you are tying.
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    Welsh Dee 2021

    I headed down today for a cast this morning. Just took the salmon rod as last night when I checked it was 800 on the gauge for Manley (0.8). With the overnight rain, I thought it might be dirty but wasn’t too bad at first. Fished Top Pool at Llangollen - which was a delight to fish - line just...
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    Step by step - long tailed shrimps article

    Nice looking fly - and a great SBS Sean. I’m with JockieScott - videos are ok but if you want something handy without scrolling back and forth through a video - then nothing better than an SBS 👍
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    Hook Keepers on a Fly Rod - Yea or Nay?

    Trout rods I like them, because small fiddly flies are sometimes a pain to put on rod guides. Salmon rods never use them as tend to tuck leader under reel and hook onto the bottom eye/guide.
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    Green Peter Shrimp Variants

    Only just seen these JS, they look just the ticket for summer- can't believe how tidy you've got them on the small sizes. Lovely tying.
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    DrPatrickT's Fish Tank Shrimp

    Really awesome tying JockieScott - I'm liking your versions better than my own! I'd love you get to fish on one. All the best, Patrick
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    Couple of tart-ups

    I like the colour combination of the holo green with the yellow/brown./orange. Those top two I need to try and copy - but I'd fish the lot of them. Dont put yourself down as a tyer - there's plenty right about those flies to my eye (y)
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    Another cracker from you, it looks brilliant on that bartleet 👍
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    Garry Dowg........

    Another super quality tie Nathan, you are on fire! - and a great pattern!
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    The best flat mylar?

    I know what you mean woodsy. I normally smear a bit of super glue on the back of the tinsel for anything that has a slight profile to it - flat i'm ok with. Mylar UTC is the best I've got - I like essential fly but their two tone or single tone is terrible - the coating comes off so easily...