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    where are the grasshoppers

    Was sitting down by the river last night with a couple friends watching for salmon, a kingfisher came by then another, we started talking about all the wildlife that has appeared and multiplied over the past 10 odd years, otters, lots more duck, mergansers, swans, deer, fox, mink, weasel...
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    Grauvel Teklon Gold

    Looking for a new spinning line, been using Daiwa for years with no problem till this year, repeatedly breaking when tying on lures, this happened twice last year just put it down to abrasion, this is a new spool of 12lb I have put on my reel. Have been looking at Grauvell Teklon Gold, half the...
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    minimum age

    As the Secretary of a fishing club have been getting asked about the minimum age, i have looked through past records and found nothing that states anything about age either minimum or maximum. What is or should the minimum age for someone to go salmon fishing alone, or with parent/guardian do...
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    Man can go to the moon, transplant body parts, have cosmetic surgery, have cars that go at 200mph, speed cameras that can clock you doing 200mph, we can look at earth from space, walk about with a phone or ipod (older guys will know what I mean) store information on a chip the size of a pen nib...
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    Nissan Skyline R32 GTR 600bhp (1990)

    Advert for my sons car. Modified and built by garage Fukui spl Phoenix power. It has been converted to a single turbo which is the better option, Its an Apexi AX75F82 big single full turbine kit. Engine Re-build took place 5000miles ago with fully uprated internals. Water cooled wastegate...
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    In a few years time I was thinking of starting my own fishing club run by none other than the Chisholm clan. My daughter has just given birth to Jack, 8lb 11, I already have 5 grand kids under 3, this is her 3rd , her oldest being 26 month, for someone that didn’t want kids and was career...
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    Findynate / Cloichfoldich

    Due to a cancellation I am looking for someone to accompany me on the Tay for 2 days fishing, on Findynate / Cloichfoldich beats, this would be for next Monday / Tuesday, 17th & 18th August. The lower beat (Findynate) is fished on Tuesday and Thursday and the upper beat (Cloichfoldich) is...
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    Water Gauge Markers

    Does anyone know where I can purchase 3 water gauge markers 6 feet in length.
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    Looking for Accommodation in the Aberfeldy area, fishing the Cloichfoldich beat with IBM in August, have tried The Inn on the Tay, Athol Arms, Weem hotel, Balnearn, Ballinluig Inn, to name but a few, can anyone help, would prefer a hotel/inn or somewhere right next to a pub, IBM canny walk to...
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    what do poachers get

    Prompted by Greenbanks post. Of the poachers who get caught how many get fined or go to jail. What size of fine or sentence do they receive, how many are repeat offenders. Do they go straight back out after they have been fined and net the river again to pay the fine !!!!! How many rivers...
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    GAC & scottyboys favourite

    GAC is having a open day, 27&28 Sept, and scottyboys favourite presenter is going to be their, Paul Young. Also starring some other guys from Hardy/Greys, Daiwa, Orvis, Partridge, and Davie McPhail - fly tying. Might pop along Saturday. Deputy
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    been getting to many of these lately

    Been getting 1 - 2 spates a week, every time i go fishing the river is up or coming up, salmon are passing us by, is anyone else having this problem, then again if there reaching the redds and nobody is catching them and the spates stop long enough for them to spawn, we should be in for a some...
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    Ban commercial fishing

    found this on the Number10 web site, Ban commercial fishing within a 1 mile boundry of the entire british coast line. This should increase the salmon making it back to the rivers to spawn as well, the more salmon that get through the better.
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    picking waders

    In need of new waders, was looking through some of the web sights for a pair, to many to pick from, some i've never heard of. :confused: What would you recommend for around the £150 mark. Deputy.
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    women salmon fishers

    Just had a look through the members section looking to see if i recognised anyone, then it dawned on me there doesn't seem to many female salmon fishers on here, think i counted 3 (by the obvious names). Do members encourage there girlfriends/wives to go fishing. Mine came out with me once, she...