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    Guideline reach fly reel

    A word of warning. I was going to purchase a Reach reel for my clearwater fly rod, but luckily i decided to try a smaller Reach reel i own on the rod first. It wouldnt fit the rod, although my smaller Reach reel fits on my Recon rod no problem. I may of course have a dodgy Clearwater rod, but i...
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    Goo sander or merganser ?

    I hope you are bad at maths;)
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    River wear 2021

    Good luck mate
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    Rain glorious rain

    You better get your collection of John Travolta records out mate.;)
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    River wear 2021

    My mate always mentioned the smell the river always had and eventually stopped fishing the river because of it. That was from 1998 to 2005.
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    River wear 2021

    I used to see that colour in the Wear behind the water works at Vinovium John. It always smelt of sewage, but the smell may have came from the water works itself.
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    Just bought a Toro reel from them and its excellent.
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    River wear 2021

    Just to add. One day is different than any other day regarding fly hatches and responding fish. Pick your day along side with weather and you give your self a chance of a good days fishing, on not just the Wear, but any other river or stream. If theres no rises, just go on the nymph.
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    River wear 2021

    From Page Bank upstream last year was wick with trout and grayling. Plenty of fly life too.
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    I bought his dvd's a few years back, and got a shock when i found out he was born in London.
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    Recommend a Reel

    Lamson Liquid for me, but a tad slightly over £100.
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    River wear 2021

    I hope all this is gonna help me catch more salmon this year
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    River wear 2021

    Thats a good question regarding grayling as its some thing ive never even thought about regarding genetics with those fish. I'll message the EA to try and find out the answer.
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    River wear 2021

    Thanks so much for that mate. Now to find out about fish stocks and fishing access if possible.
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    River wear 2021

    The Page Bank stretch upstream from the bridge is wick with minnows, trout and grayling.