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    Hello from Edinburgh via Devon and Cape Town

    I knew a Riverrat 20 years ago on the Willy, man he could catch fish.
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    Hello all

    Welcome aboard.
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    Hello from Ny!!

    Welcome aboard.
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    Ocean fishing and Crab

    We went out in the Ocean to go bottom fishing and we caught 2 Quillbacks along with the other fish. Two in one day is rare with these fish. Then another day we went crabbing and besides the Dungeness Crab we caught this really big Red Rock. Not as tasty as Dungeness, but hot butter fixes that.
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    First trip on the Ocean this year.

    Crabbing was terrible. 8 traps for 3 lousy crabs. It's commercial season and they are cleaning us out. We went 7 for 8 on the Ling Cod 1 Canary, 1 Black and 2 special fish. These are Quillbacks, beautiful fish you "almost" hate eating them.
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    Greetings from the highlands

    Welcome aboard.
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    Hallo iedereen!

    Welcome aboard. Our daughter was stationed in the Netherlands and loved it.
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    Hello from the “north coast” of the US

    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome, good luck out there this year.
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    Welcome aboard, good luck.
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    Hello there

    Welcome aboard, jump on in the water is warm.....Somewhere.
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    Hi! Hampshire Chalk Stream addicted to Salmonids

    Welcome aboard.
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    Hello from the banks of the Rhine.

    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome aboard.
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    Hi from Cork

    Welcome aboard.