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    River Wear 2020

    Definitely a salmon. Has anyone else been experiencing a bigger % than usual of fish shedding the hook after appearing to be well hooked. I was talking to one of our syndicate members yesterday who said he'd lost off 5 on the trot and another member had had 7 come off on the bounce. I've had...
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    River Wear 2020

    The Tees is full of them ( as are the reservoirs at top of Teesdale ) so I suppose only a matter of time they would get into the Wear. I doubt anything can stop them once established. Also, if the Tees is anything to go by, the EA are reluctant to issue trapping/netting licences for fear that...
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    River Wear 2020

    I see that Bedburn (fishpal ) is reporting a 24lb salmon yesterday. That's some fish!!
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    River Wear 2020

    If you're at all interested in the Tees, have a look at They currently have a few vacancies in the A section which would entitle you to fish their waters at Winston/Gainford as well as 3 miles of right bank downstream from the road bridge at Piercebridge ( owned by...
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    Food for thought

    A friend recently drew my attention to a dramatic change in the EU Total Allowable Catch of sandeel in the North Sea. Each December or thereabouts the total allowable catches of various species are set for the following year at an EU Fisheries Council meeting. It seems that the decisions reached...
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    The long winter months

    What do you guys ( especially those who have retired) do to pass the time until the Spring? There is after all only so many hours one can spend polishing one's rod and re arranging one's tackle.