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    Orange Firetail Cascade Video Step by Step

    Lovely piece of work 👌 Enjoyed watching
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    Nobody small tube

    I've ordered some from Funky Fly Tying Tubeworks ultimate Cheers for the info
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    Changes in Supply and Demand for Prime Salmon Fishing in Scotland?

    Interesting read, Maybe the anglers who could afford to pay for exclusive fishing have decided thers better fishing obtainable abroad ,ie Russia, Norway South America Canada. As l read in your article the amount of fishing available on the net is vast. Enjoyed the read.tight lines
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    Stunning piece of work 👌
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    Olive Banana TTT

    Lovely piece of work 👌
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    The Orlive

    Beautiful colours, lovely fly👍
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    Greetings from the highlands

    Welcome aboard, tight lines
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    Nobody small tube

    Is there a particular type of single hook you prefer to use on these flies
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    GBWG Flamethrowers

    Cracking flies ,nice tying.👍
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    Icelandic Willie Gunns

    Superb looking 👌 flies
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    Frodin tying demo

    I've watched all of the patterns of the month, l found them most enjoyable and it could not have come at a better time with everyone being in lock down. I think the latest tubes BTTs are a little frustrating too tie a thread on because there's no lip at the front.
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    Dusky Currys Red - Video Step by Step

    Just watched the tying of the Dusky currys red. Love it,well done👍
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    Nobody small tube

    Would you ever consider using a single hook on this type of fly?
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    Nobody small tube

    Great looking fly, lm currently into this type of fly tying. Hopefully l will get out and wet a few of them soon 🤞.what hooks do you prefer to use with your fly ?
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    Mini Scandi no-body Glenfarclas

    Very nice, l like tying this type of flies myself. Yet to catch on one fingers crossed 🤞 for the coming season.