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    Massive farmer caught

    I'm heading up to Ballindalloch this Sunday. I used to travel full of hope, now I travel with resignation. Stepping into a pool 25 years ago the shallows would be swarming with parr, now you hardly see any. The RSPB have a lot to answer for.
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    Massive farmer caught

    Well where is the bloody thing?
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    Famous Ayrshire River Closes Down .

    First post and backs Nippy. There's a surprise!
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    car damage

    Bit of T-Cut, Shag.
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    New owners at Roma, fresh promises. Let's be honest, Italian footbal suits his style. Don't be surprised if he's a success. And in truth, where would you prefer to be. The Eternal City or Khan's knife ridden London?
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    Not quite a silver tourist

    Tried it one summer during hopeless heat wave conditions at Muiresk on the Deveron. Cannot remember the exact location but it may have been called Camfrey? We fished off mountainous rocks into turquoise sea, it was Carribbeanesque! We had some success on fly, a smallish fish about 4lb but very...
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    Super clear water

    This the first fly I tie on when fishing the A'an when it's in it's normal state, ie lowish and as clear as Tanquery. I don't even know what it's called! If we have rain and it's a little peaty then I tie a cascade. A silver stoat when on its bones.
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    The theme tune alone brings tears of nostalgia to my eyes.
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    Taking a dook

    I've always wanted to know.....your feet upstream or downstream?
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    How do you treat your tackle on the bank?

    With total indifference.
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    Does everyone on here fish for trout?

    I know exactly what you mean!
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    Does everyone on here fish for trout?

    Only when I have to.
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    The Essence Of Fishing

    Back when I was catching decent numbers of sea trout from the A'an we would keep the bacon fat from the morning fry up to pan fry fresh fillets of sea trout in the evening. Can't beat the taste and simplicity of that!
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    The Essence Of Fishing

    It's not just about the fishing. I think real fishermen know that. The riverbank is a wonderfull social leveller.
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    Nice fish today

    Just watched the video. That is a spanking fish and a lovely bit of drama at the end!