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    Plans for 2021

    If this virus **** allows it; it will be as usual: May and June on the Spey and September on the Dee. The advantage for the next season is that everything is already paid for; only the drinks costs😜
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    2D multi tip 9/10
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    A subject quite controversial concerning the luminosity and its influence on the activity of fish; in general that they are your favorite times for fishing ?
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    Switch rod reel

    I use a 6/9 multi loop on my vision switch the balance is good.
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    Bent handle

    J'ai 2 instinct et 2 infini, préférence pour l'action de l'instinct, concernant la prise; cela ne fait rien de plus pour moi, ni ne m'enlève rien. A mes yeux, c'est une question de goût. Certains pêcheurs pensent que cela permet de garder la canne en ligne lors du lancer.
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    Best thing for a sticking ferrule ?

    Paraffin / candle on the male part; it is important to clean the female part from time to time to avoid excess thickness. I tried loon's graffitolin and it works fine
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    Spey in February-any experience of this?

    Nethy's corner is too early for February; rather look downstream from Aberlour.
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    What would you consider a 'good season'?

    For me, excellent season, I made big savings. Unable to come to Grantown in the spring and my fall stay on the Dee is postponed! For 2021 I will only have the costs of beer, whisky
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    16' rod

    Clarification ; I'm thinking of a RB Meiser 16 '# 8!
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    16' rod

    Hello, My attraction to a big rod is not the distance, but as Pedro says it is more the discretion with the use of long fine line and better handling of the fly. Use of Lee Wulff's 80 'TTspey with a very thin profile seems ideal to me (when conditions allow!)
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    16' rod

    Hi guys, Not having to fish this season, for the reasons we know of! I want to compensate by giving myself a small gift. I am thinking of a 16 ', generally fishing for 2 months in spey mainly on Grantown and sometimes Gordon Castle or Tulcan. I recognize that with a 15 'I do the job perfectly...
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    Alta / Lakselva

    Super, Thank you
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    Balancing Rod and line

    34 or 38 gr
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    Hello, Same problem with us! I wonder if young people have brains, it's pathetic. Plus they will be the first to yell if there is a new confinement
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    Vision Siks 13’4 7# - 6 piece

    Yes it really is the best in the series; soft and powerful for a # 7. For a delicate fishing I use it with a 6/7 unispey 53 ft for 480 g is great !