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    Gone Fishing photo caption competition, judged by Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer!

    Image 1 Paul saying, I didn’t know guide dogs were so keen on swimming. Image 2 Bob saying Oops! The director said if Paul caught a salmon, he was going to appear on national television in his underpants and call Paul a fishing God.
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    Gone Fishing photo caption competition, judged by Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer!

    Image 1Paul saying Bob your guide dog is in the water again
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    Wading boots

    I fish a rocky river with muddy banks and was thinking of getting a pair of Snowbee stream trek combi boots any body have views about them? Good or bad
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    Snowbee wading boots

    I tried a pair of these last summer for a day, and found the combination sole and general wearability appealing,but they have never had a mention on the forum.l wonder if there something I should know before buying a pair
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    Casting lessons

    After messing about and casting two handed badly for several years,I'm now looking for some lessons.I live in west Wales, can any one recommend any courses,or instructors in my neck of the woods?
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    leader maxima

    I ordered three spools of maxima 15, 12,and 8lb thinking I was ordering chameleon ,not maxima CLEAR which came,(my mistake) Is this as good as chameleon or what is the difference.Should I reorder and learn to check what I'm ordering
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    There can be few simpler mechanisms than a fly reel. So when I'm expected to pay £300 for one,more than I could pay for a rod,I wonder what am I getting Something with an expensive badge? a work of art?precious metals? or Ripped off? When all I wanted was a device of a suitable size and...
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    Does anyone know if there is any the conection between BeulahGB and Beulah USA? The rods look similar together with the sales pitch and logo etc. curious?
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    Beulah switch

    As one does, I have been overcome with desire to possess a Beulah 10.6in 7wt switch. But suddenly judging by the sites I,ve visted there is a world shortage has anyone spotted one anywhere? I would consider a good secondhand
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    Casting Instruction help

    I could really do with some spey casting instruction, any instructors in the SW Wales region? river Teify would be good but anywhere close .
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    S.W Wales

    Any reports of fish in SW Wales Teify,Towy, Dovey, etc?.We have had some usful water
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    Iv been tying some snaeldas but was wondering how best to fish them,swung round in a fast run backed up through a slow pool or stripped across a glide. (Floating, or sunken line) I realise the answere to these questions is yes! But any preference?
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    braided leaders

    I,ve just started my second go at salmon fishing with a fly eight years since last time What happend to braided leaders no one seems to mention them now ? are poly leaders better? and why
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    Thinking of buying snowbee scandinavian line,anyone used one