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    Anthropogenic climate change? I don't think so.

    You two are a fine pair of shills with 69 posts combined. And again, no counter-argument, but smear tactics, defamatory language and a vain try to spread panic. Is this how you are going to convince people the hoax you're promoting is real? Don't you think you should bring a bit more to the...
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    Anthropogenic climate change? I don't think so.

    Thanks for stopping by to shill and trying to spread panic. What an informative post. Are you friends with Greta Thunberg? Is shouting conspiracy theory (a term invented by the CIA) trendy now? ?
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    Maybe there are even a few russian bots supporting the uberzealots? Beep beep.
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    Anthropogenic climate change? I don't think so.

    Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai explains how the IPCC is ripping us off with their controversial climate ideology. Also, here's an article describing how one of the leading 'scientists', James Hansen (NASA, IPCC), manipulated data to get in line with his global warming theory, because it didn't materialise...
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    The Purge

    Didn't realise it's that time of year again. Silly me ? Twitter
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    Are nation states...

    ... remnants of the past? Boxing fan is thrown out of Manchester Arena on big fight night for wearing a Union Jack waistcoat | Daily Mail Online
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    Best Christmas present...?

    A small present from the hatchery/RAS team. Much delighted ?
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    Wee scandinavian selection

    A friend of mine is fishing Repparfjordelva and asked for a few flies. Basically, I tied what I'd fish myself. A green Highlander, a Monkey, Pikku Musta and a heavy Frances. (all variants) Tight lines, in case we get to see some decent rain...
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    Kind of Frances tubes

    Wasn't until I finished tying, that I realised I do have some microcones left ? Tight lines
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    June 2018 Tie of the Month - Salmon and Sea Trout

    Ullsocken Haven't tried nor tied one yet, but it seemed like a good choice with the usual suspects being taken.
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    Grey'n'Silver shrimp

    Size 12. I usually don't bother uploading Irish shrimps, as they're not my strength and others on here tie a mean shrimp... But those will be the last ones from me for a while and they're ok, I guess. Cheers
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    Green Highlander Flamethrower

    Thought I might as well make a quick SBS for those interested... Materials: Rib/Butt: UTC ultrawire red Rear body: Green glitterbody Green Highlander hen hackle Wing: Fluo red&yellow bucktail, green supreme goat, green angelhair Front body: neon chartreuse uni floss Fronthackle...
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    A small Clan of Highlanders

    Sizes 9, 10 and 11. Tight lines
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    Rusty Rat Variant

    And a Silver Rat (Hairwing) To finish the north-american excursion...
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    Rusty Rat Variant

    Nr. II