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    YES!!! Your not from England
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    LTS and Diawa Rods

    Have for sale 3 rods. A pair of LTS X1 rods. 13’6 &14’6. looking to sell as a pair. The 14’6 has been repaired but is fine.£200 the pair. Diawa New Era 13’ #9. Superb rod but not getting used.£130. if you are interested pm me your no. And I’ll ring about postage etc. Cheers for looking,Colin...
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    Think it’s time this thread is closed down tbh. Half hour reading through and it’s become counterproductive and divisive and a great window to the fact that none of us have any answers but only opinions on this matter. Other things that are worse going on in the world at the minute folks.
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    Diawa Air AGS

    Going to sing Diawa’s praises here. I bought the New Era 13’ and the build quality puts many 1K rods to shame. The X45 carbon is brilliant and when you have a problem ( as I did with a feeder rod) they can’t help enough. Their coarse rods are still up their with the best.Guru get Diawa to make...
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    Straight Bucktail

    Got a a pair of straighteners from the sale isle at Tesco for £7.50. Thought was better than breaking the wife’s as they were over £100 and would have got me in serious black hole!! Tying long wing Willie Guns on tubes etc look so much better and I now use straightened buck tail under arctic...
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    Straight Bucktail

    Trust me if you run buck tail through hair straighteners it’s a different animal.It means you can tie a little more in if required and it stacks a whole lot easier If that’s what you want.
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    Mowi fined £5m over fish escapes

    What a godsend that would be for wee Jimmys mob.£5miilion then all the escapees could follow the wild fish up the rivers and they could say their environmental policies were working AND more tax on the re-stocked fish on the farms!!!! Pray they don’t get wind of this ??
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    Are there any members on here with experience in fighting against company’s who “Legally” deposit sewage into rivers

    What happened to the European Water Framework Directive? Methinks another load of box ticking that didn’t go very far and another example of the failings of Brussels? Will stand corrected if it was a massive success and it passed me by.
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    Olfi camera.

    Olfi One Five action cam for sale. Comes with 3 batteries,memory card and fittings/mounts plus carry case. Bought for wife for horseriding but she’s never used it so as new. £150 posted Colin.
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    Scierra Reel

    Scierra XDA 91 Reel for sale. Reel plus two spare spools ( three spools in total) will leave backing on so ready to load with lines. Looking for £65 posted. Cheers, Colin.
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    Posting Rod To Norway

    Need to send a section back to LTS in Norway. Parcelforce want £47.Would be cheaper to swim there. Anyone sent the same as I'm looking for a cheaper option. Cheers for any info,Colin.
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    Lts x1

    Have a brand new (never seen a line) LTS X1 14'6 for sale. Comes with tube etc. Selling as I have another one so make me an offer by PM? Cheers guys, Colin.
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    Lts x1

    Long shot. Anyone out there got a Mark one 14'6" LTS X1 that's damaged? I've broken a bottom section on mine and can't get a replacement so if anyone has a rod with the top end damaged would be looking to buy it cos I'm gutted as it's me favourite rod. Thanks in more hope than anticipation Colin.
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    11 Foot Spinning Rod

    Managed to turn mine from a three to as four piece so looking for a replacement.Anyone got a Diawa Amorphous Whisker or something similar you would sell?Must be someone out there who's not using one that's gathering dust or something similar? Cheers guys
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    13 Footer

    Does any manufacture make a true 10 weight double hander? Finding things easier with the shorter rods these days and was thinking of looking for one.