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    River Findhorn 2021

    Lovely fish, lovely cocker!
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    The Close Season What You Doing Today Thread?

    That`ll keep the canoeist`s away from you in the Wires Rrrr!
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    I know most anglers think they're safe.......

    The use of "Conservative" in the title of this organisation must surely be an attempt to fraudulently present some kind of official politically endorsed facade? Another illustration of how these misanthropes will bend the truth , ignore facts and obfuscate to promote their cause to the largely...
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    Scottish politics

    Worryingly, such influence now extends way beyond this context and, so far, has flourished with very little check. It is a sad and much diminished country that we inhabit these days. I am not cheered by the prospect of this "denier and canceller" movement shaping the lives and framing the...
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    Covid Injection

    Maybe - but they`re just nuts in Brazil. surely I `m not the only one looking ahead to better days instead of being driven (ie bored enough to keep stirring the pot) to doing global gloom sweeps etc and whatdickery data dives stirring the entrails of past responses and mistakes by whoever? We...
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    Stick dressers

    I`ve just finished a blackthorn shank this week and had to settle for buffalo horn for the handle rather than antler , as after searching it seems that most suppliers are short of stock.
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    Maxima leaders

    Maybe try tapered beachcasting shock leaders? You should be able to find the dimensions you`re after at the rear of the leader (taper to reel end). You`d need to discriminate when ordering as fluo leaders are de riguer on the beach. Other more unobtrusive colours are available - though less...
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    Scottish politics

    I often think he deserves another couple of acres!
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    Making sense of Durham Free Stretch

    I believe you`re right sir. It`s pretty poor now and will only get worse - and more expensive!
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    Making sense of Durham Free Stretch

    I would suggest that you read the old Wear threads for further info . It`s been comprehensively researched and challenged.
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    Think i may have found the limit.

    Bravo lad! He who dares wins! Lol!
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    River wear 2021

    Pleased to see you`re OK Davy. I hope to try below Durham over the next couple of days.
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    I saw that too a couple of days ago -but like you I can`t recollect where. Possibly the BBC news website.
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    Pheasant shooting curtailed

    The thing is , it establishes precedence and DEFRA conceded this in advance of a formal challenge from Packham et al (which was due later this week I seem to have read somewhere) where they were seeking an exclusion zone of 5000 metres. Given this kind of soft rollover (similar to the General...